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  1. YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment
    23 órája

    Great review as usual

  2. n p
    n p
    23 órája

    One Plus is gradually turning out to be a cheat brand, it has cheated India and now Indians should ban this brand .

  3. John Walker
    John Walker
    23 órája

    I wonder if Dave will move his SIM to the 9+ now?

  4. 李乐
    23 órája


  5. Shanté London Tomes
    Shanté London Tomes
    23 órája

    Help me people... I know nothing about computers. I'm a photographer and videographer. GIGABYTE AERO 15 OLED KC - 15.6" - Intel Core i7-10870H - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6 - 16GB RAM - 512GB SSD - Or... Dell XPS 17 - 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10875H (16MB Cache, up to 5.1 GHz, 8 cores) -NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 with Max-Q - 32GB RAM - 1TB SSD - Right at a 1k difference.... which is faster? I feel like I could upgrade the Gigabyte lol or pay someone to.

  6. madcapper6

    The soldered RAM really sucks, especially on the 3070 model. It seriously gimps future-proofing. If the RAM was fully upgradeable with both slots, up to 64 or even just 32, it would be totally spot on. What really ticks me off though is that Asus addresses this issue by making it even worse by only offering 16gb on the 3070 model. They could've had the ideal laptop had they played it right. I think if the Legion 5 Pro is comparably priced, it'll be the much better option with fully upgradeable, non-soldered RAM and more of a Max-P configuration. I suppose the Zeph G15 will still be an option if the portability is the most important factor but I'll take the performance over the portability.

  7. Mr. Ticklebutts
    Mr. Ticklebutts

    Hey... if the software isn't buggy af like *cough ASUS software cough* ... fair enough I'll take the ugly software LOL

  8. Vaporjoes

    Real gaming on a phone is laughable. I'm talking REAL gaming, not the tap tap tap we made it easy (every fighting game ever made for a phone). They are too small. You can hook it up to a monitor but you might as well get a console for 299.

  9. madcapper6

    Battle of 4800h/2060 laptops between the Omen 15, the RP-15 and the Legion 5, I found it interesting you put the Omen and the RP-15 in S tier and the Legion 5 in A tier. Obviously that tells me that configuration offered the best price/performance ratio. What was it though about the Legion 5 to make it the only one out of the three you left off of S tier?

  10. Hisham Kh
    Hisham Kh

    Need review for mi 11 lite ,,

  11. Braunstein Freres
    Braunstein Freres

    I like this better than the other gaming phones coming out, I hope it releases in The USA soon ;(

  12. Gin Tomino
    Gin Tomino

    Im sold

  13. Emppu T.
    Emppu T.

    Just lo8ked at specs on an A72, what you think of that one?

  14. Russeljrjs

    With that touch sampling rate you can finally start & stop your stopwatch at 0.01s

  15. Ale Galo
    Ale Galo

    Poco f3 o mi 10t??

  16. Refl3x

    other videos: google pixel 4a review this guy: mY google pixel 4a review

  17. scupking

    The last good one plus was the 7 pro.

  18. David

    My acer helios 300 2019 stopped charging please help. I hope it's just the charging cable. Don't buy this.

  19. Reason

    LOL I guess they can fix this with a software update, LOL.

  20. J.C. inaudito
    J.C. inaudito

    8:24 what's the theme he's using?

  21. Ax El
    Ax El

    Macbook airs went from terrible value to excellent in one year span in terms of performance and battery ratio

  22. piggRUNNER

    should i buy the s21 over this? i cant tell

  23. pughconsulting

    Just bought it. $462 from Samsung with an education discount.

  24. aziza elghali
    aziza elghali

    Dave please make a video about best content creator laptops

  25. Don't mess with Me
    Don't mess with Me

    Okk can it run genshin impact without heating a bit... Pubg cod are old now even a budget to budget phone can run that shit..

  26. s27z

    Thank you for bringing this up.

  27. Ivan Otamendi
    Ivan Otamendi

    Is there a current recommendation for designer laptops?

  28. Therin Whitten
    Therin Whitten

    It's a great keyboard to piss people off on discord. LOL what is it with people and obnoxiously loud keyboards?

  29. Marcus Chung
    Marcus Chung

    its a monster which breaks into 3 pieces :D

  30. Matthew Gomes
    Matthew Gomes

    No matter how powerful a phone is, spending over $1k on a device that snaps in half (or three pieces, in this case) under a light breeze will just never be worthwhile.

  31. Ronald Weidner
    Ronald Weidner

    I got the M1 macbook pro. Yikes no windows machine can compete with this for video editing.

  32. Leikkaus

    The flexibility Windows offers over iOS just can't make me have an interest in MacBook but glad to see Apple is finally producing great products at a great price.

  33. Mohamed Arif
    Mohamed Arif

    can i edit on premiere pro on this?

  34. Himi Jendrix
    Himi Jendrix

    This looks perfect for Genshin Impact. Although Genshin is the only mobile game i play, so is it really worth it at the end of the day? Mobile games at this stage don't hold a candle to console or pc, they need to evolve before i decide to go all out on a gaming phone

  35. Villiam Hansen
    Villiam Hansen

    It's called rog phone 4! Asus is NOT Chinese.

  36. popdempills jordan
    popdempills jordan

    The phone is trash go watch Jerry and see how easily he snaps the phone with ease

  37. Sthitapragnya

    yo this guy has a nice mountain hardtail bike

  38. Tom Matthew
    Tom Matthew

    Should I buy Acer Nitro 5?

  39. Vanyo Petkov
    Vanyo Petkov

    Do you think that the Aorus 15G can compete for the laptop of the year spot as well?

  40. LAV you
    LAV you

    No 4k display? 🍋

  41. Oliver Yasay
    Oliver Yasay

    hi Dave, where would you place the strix scar 15? im buying it next week. i am going for last year models, because the 2020's price drops here in my country.

  42. Cursed Khien
    Cursed Khien

    Any "gaming" laptop that has any 1650 is a immediate trap, doesn't matter what kind. You will hate yourself indefinitely for paying upwards of $900 for 30fps in all your games on the lowest settings. I've noticed all these Intel traps just use the 1650.

  43. luke oneill
    luke oneill

    Does it have a lighter and beer opener

  44. The M C Assassin
    The M C Assassin

    Does it have USB 3 ports?

  45. Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit Chauhan

    Failed in JRE test.

  46. UrinatingTheCrowd

    this is basically a gaming system that happens to also be a phone

  47. JOEL S M
    JOEL S M

    I wanted to see the review by you

  48. ObiShinobi

    Your list was pretty good, but I'd keep in mind, something like the legion 5 could be many people's (and my) first pick because it's running 2060 for around 1000 bucks, good 1000 laptop value there and incredible cpu

  49. Azex Newmai
    Azex Newmai

    Imagine that after a long day at work, you sir down to play a match of CoD mobile with friends to relax..... And then some HUfromrs with this phone massacre you.... 😭

  50. Mitesh Mahto
    Mitesh Mahto

    I am from india and we only have one online laptop shopping site for asus. they're pushing us to select either gtx series laptops in 2021 at around 900$ and then directly pick this dash f15 at around 1800$ it's like they're forcing buyers to either pick highly priced laptops or pick the ones which no one actually needs. gtx 1650, gtx1660 u name those. these laptops are always available in stock. no rtx 20 series available in stock ever. I wonder when they'll stop this greediness

  51. Filip Pogač
    Filip Pogač

    is it worth it to buy it in 2021? thx

  52. DK

    Please start mentioning in the reviews if the phone is supported from GrapheneOS for the people that don't want to be tracked 24/7. Cheers. :)

  53. DK

    I would buy it if it could dock and run Ubuntu. Not into that Android tracking ...

  54. Kasimir den Hertog
    Kasimir den Hertog

    'This card is $1500, not $3000' - fast forward 6-7 months and I just bought one for about $2700, and that was still a good deal

  55. Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman

    Please bring Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g

  56. Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman

    Review Oneplus 9R Carbon black

  57. Jason Ficcone
    Jason Ficcone

    Of course it makes sense, from a market share standpoint. No body produces 4 or 6 cores if they can produce 8 cores. All they produce is 8 cores. Some of those 8 cores will have cores that fail testing in some way and will be binned down to 6 core or 4 core or core clock rate. Or Intel will need to fill a certain amount of 4 and 6 core orders and will bin down that amount of 8 core chips that fully passed testing. The cost for them doesn't change. But the price does change for the OEM/builder/consumer.

  58. Zaganeanu Daniel
    Zaganeanu Daniel

    it breaks like a biscuit 😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Darren B
    Darren B

    OnePlus was my favourite brand ranted and raved about the company but for the past couple years I've lost interest in them it's a shame in the end everyone follows the money I suppose

  60. ManiKanta

    Jerry rigged this monster into 3 pieces

  61. Liam Harrington
    Liam Harrington

    Am I the only one who thinks a "gaming phone" should care more about battery life than how massive their camera bump is?

  62. EconAtheist

    I was expecting more half-assery.... yow, that's nuts! Way too big for my likes as a phone, but damn is it a nice mobile gaming rig.

  63. Richard Lynam
    Richard Lynam

    Another great review 👍

  64. Woei Chyuan Leong
    Woei Chyuan Leong

    thumb down for still recommending this phone~

  65. the Hero
    the Hero

    I like the RGB but Why why the pink

  66. Programavimas visiems
    Programavimas visiems

    hi I have eluktronics MAX-17 and my keyboard basically dead after few month. Can't even use for any typing on gaming is same dust stuck on different button can't press it not responsive, few buttons already changed with other non used buttons for example D to FN, A to Alt. Maybe you know how to change to other keyboard where I can buy it for same model or how to use it on same laptop not on desk external keyboard to GLUE IT or do something I feel that my money dropped to bin.

  67. CMS Ravi Verma
    CMS Ravi Verma

    Which mouse r u using in this video ? Model no & company name ?

  68. Why do you Need to know ?
    Why do you Need to know ?

    Well unfortunately Jerry rigs everything rigger the phone into 3 parts

  69. SHERIL

    I'm still using my blackshark 2 its still good, for us the game's this kind of phone's make sense. We love it.

  70. Tom

    Is it bad to play it whilst plugged in charging, I heard it absolutely ruins the battery

  71. Miaow

    let's be honest. other than scanning qr codes, we're almost never gonna touch our cameras since we're all gonna be stuck in a pandemic for at least 5 more years

  72. Saeesh Kandolkar
    Saeesh Kandolkar

    can you re visit this phone


    LG : GONE LENOVO : Don't worry, we got his mate


    Please give me link to the wallpaper he teases me everytime I see his video man

  75. Xueqi Li
    Xueqi Li

    Does anyone know the wattage of razer blade 15 with RTX 3080?

  76. JIRREN

    U cant call it a gaming phone if it has the same Soc as other androids... Ram can never describe the gaming performance of a device... In gaming centric devices Soc matters the most . In fact all the androids prefer the Soc made by Qualcomm. Unfortunately, that is similar in all android phones.. these gaming phones are not even used by professional gamers for tournaments, such gaming phones cant compete iphones in performance at all. And a gaming phone should be reviewed by a gamer not by a person who doesnt even play games.

  77. saho tm
    saho tm

    Hey dave should get this phone or Realme X3 Superzoom, Am concerned about phone quality

  78. Peter Starzynski Tech
    Peter Starzynski Tech

    That's kinda cool that you can dual charge the device.

  79. obsprisma

    I still bought the A72 because of it's bigger battery, the 25 watt charger and the 3 times optical zoomlens. Coming from a S10+ i am more than satisfied with the overall performance and capabilities of this A72.

  80. Osama Mas
    Osama Mas

    Dave placing my tuf 15 in D tier was a surprise. I have the rtx 2060/ ryzen 7 4800h version, and I think this thing is a beast, especially the 90w battery. I would place it at least in B tier ✋