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  1. Solid Snake
    Solid Snake

    I liked the old style with the table better - but let‘s see. I hope you find something which you are comfortable with!

  2. Aniket Khade
    Aniket Khade

    I personally prefer the table as the device is right beside you and you can point out stuff on the go, rather then cutaways. However, if you come up with something that has the same experience, I'm all for it.

  3. Ozan ERKAN
    Ozan ERKAN

    what about performance comparison between AMD and new gen Intel? When will the data available?

  4. Eul Lacierda
    Eul Lacierda

    i like having the table, like if you wanna point out on somethin you just show it on the screen. <3 #BringBackTheTableDave #BBTTD

  5. Pranav Shankar
    Pranav Shankar

    i miss the table already @Dave2D

  6. Pranav Shankar
    Pranav Shankar


  7. Saad Malik
    Saad Malik

    I understand not wanting the table it feels inhibiting in some sense. however, with consumer electronics, it's a bit hard to feel like you're touching a product if I cant see it. I don't mind you need to stand or you can have the product behind you on some type of table or something so it's not in front of you, just we need to see the products when possible.


    If you see the helmet you can't unsee it

  9. abc

    Bring back the table or make the video more of us seeing the device you're talking about

  10. Arnis K
    Arnis K

    Bring the tabel back :)

  11. Pjetro

    That INTRO, come on, man! Am I the only one who really appreciate it SO MUCH! Yes, MK long-life fanboy here!

  12. justSTUMBLEDupon

    The room looks computer generated for some reason

  13. Chijioke Godwin Odu
    Chijioke Godwin Odu

    I think the table has become and integral part of this channel, it keeps things easy and simple. I think you should stick with it

  14. Febin Sunil Thomas
    Febin Sunil Thomas

    Having a desk in background would be nice. You can place the review product on it an talk about it freely with no obstruction in front of it.👍

  15. Ozan ERKAN
    Ozan ERKAN

    The table is a must :D

  16. Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    The table needs to be there. The bits of you talking directly into the camera make it more like one-on-one convo but its not like the table was being a distraction there. Rather it was being used to keep the items being reviewed and like the reviews also felt more realtime.

  17. Chris Neu
    Chris Neu

    Excitedly opened Amazon link. 2.8k dollars. Get me out aaaaaah

  18. TheOne

    Table or not I will still be watching your videos.

  19. Chris Neu
    Chris Neu

    The cheapest price for this config in Germany is 2.5k euros. Fuck MA life

  20. AG1LE

    Watching this video in 2021 and the answer is no. Razer is absolutely dominating the market with the BlackShark V2 headsets DeathAdder V2 and Viper mice and the Huntsman keyboards

  21. daivik arora
    daivik arora

    bring the table back

  22. Bhoj Rathore
    Bhoj Rathore

    I personally don't miss the table... It's just a prop. I come to this channel to listen to your opinions because they're to the point.

  23. Karthik Krishna Kumar
    Karthik Krishna Kumar

    I miss the desk. I think with the desk, we had more time with the product you were reviewing, but here, it seems like we have a larger focus on you.

  24. Himanshu Agrawal
    Himanshu Agrawal

    Having a table with all the devices stacked or spread across made the videos look more seamless when showing product details. Now when the product detail shots come up, I am like "Where did the table come up now"

  25. Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    I am waiting for one of the characters from Star Wars to come through the doors nice studio Congrats

  26. Chris Neu
    Chris Neu

    There is a model with the 5900hx and the 3060 for 1.4k in my country. I can't see the wattage tho. Would you say that's a good price?

  27. Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    Ask the fish if it has any ideas for the new studio

  28. Chanakya Verma
    Chanakya Verma

    Stand-up is good but a table would be good👍

  29. jiminfested

    Good, you still started with ok. All is good with the world

  30. VIPER.GX

    The old format was more cozy which was in tone with your tone :) Byt whatever you do is going to look ok, cause it's the way you present everything that makes this channel great. Good luck!

  31. Aleimar Villabrille
    Aleimar Villabrille


  32. Hashmi Faiq
    Hashmi Faiq

    Well I miss the old set up though. May be bcoz long time I see u in that setup. Before it was little zoomed in. But now it's more wide. New Setup is good. I think it will take time to adjust with new setup as a viewer. But great work man. U r awesome always. Love ur t-shirt by the way. Still searching for the same but couldn't find. Why you don't try to a same t-shirts for your fans? Just like mkbhd. You can sell a lot 😁

  33. Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    You have been my favorite HUfromr for years. I like you wanting to try something new and support it. Although I will say not a fan of the color of the new table.

  34. Edward Rajah
    Edward Rajah

    I miss the somewhat close up shots and camera angles from your previous videos. It gives this very personal one-to-one walk through while touching and reviewing the devices. It was really nice. My second observation is that for some reason, for a split second, my mind was like why is the background of the new studio looking like you're standing in front of the VFX rendered background specifically when you came in front of the camera. I dunno, but something feels strange about the way your head is already touching the roof.

    1. Edward Rajah
      Edward Rajah

      But I do appreciate the beauty of this new studio. I think it's something you can sort out as you get used to it and find more ideas. Congrats on the new studio and I'm happy to see you eagerly excited in each intro.

  35. Amrit Bhandari
    Amrit Bhandari

    I badly miss your old setup, videos are less appealing now. 😥😥😥

  36. Sinh Nguyen
    Sinh Nguyen

    Is that a Nintendo console? A dota console? Steam concole? A console? Could be a portable mining rig. Just the GPU by itself.

  37. s e R A E t o n i n
    s e R A E t o n i n

    Your excitement is palpable in this video! I'm so glad you were able to make your dreams come true! You're one of my favorite youtubers, and I'm so hyped to see all the amazing videos and content you'll be making in this new space! Congrats Dave!

  38. Low Waste, High Melanin
    Low Waste, High Melanin

    TBH just keep experimenting with the format until it feels comfortable and makes sense for recording. I'm gonna watch regardless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  39. MageThief

    I like this format, with you just talking and then have a bunch of b-rolls, it works really good.

  40. Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar

    Have a table

  41. Hakzima Wa
    Hakzima Wa

    @dave2d the video is so grainy that its so un-dave.

  42. Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali

    Do what ever that feels the best for you Dave , that's the most important thing , we love you :)

  43. Artin Bakhan
    Artin Bakhan

    The table is definitely needed but as you mentioned the new format; you can use or not use the table, based on the products that your making videos of.

  44. Nikhil Singhal
    Nikhil Singhal

    I had always liked the simple and muted style of your videos so that the focus is on the actual product and not on the presenter or surroundings or other stuff (like almost all other youtubers do), seems you too have joined that wagon.

  45. Samurai Keith
    Samurai Keith

    Awesome Room

  46. mohammed Abdullah
    mohammed Abdullah

    You got to have your desk back Dave!

  47. Jithin Chowdary
    Jithin Chowdary

    I really liked ur table in the previous videos , very minimalistic and simple this new studio looks good too but u have to work something out about the background it feels too empty

  48. Chris Neu
    Chris Neu

    Fuq off Intel!

  49. Pushkar Sarma
    Pushkar Sarma

    Hey Dave, I think you should try out some stuff and just see what you're most comfortable with. Pros for the table: The product was in frame most of the time. Pro for no-table: You can speak more emphaticly.

  50. Tobi Ehinmoro
    Tobi Ehinmoro

    The previous format where you'll start the review by saying "ok/alright" while all the devices are already placed on the table is way better than this current format... In this current format, you waste some seconds walking towards the camera, placing the devices down out of the frame, trying to pick them up again which makes you turn away from the microphone (in the previous video)... Please bring back the previous minimalistic format.. You can get a standing table... We don't need to see you walking towards the camera... Thanks...

  51. kaustubh gangurde
    kaustubh gangurde

    hey I'm watching your videos for years now and I don't care if you have a table or not. I like to watch your content. I'm not planning on buying laptop or mobile but I still watch your videos and the same can be said about a lot of your subs. Just be you and keep making content. Peace.

  52. gamebolt 1650gaming
    gamebolt 1650gaming
    2 órája

    Give me a free phone

  53. Thiago Rosemberg
    Thiago Rosemberg
    2 órája

    you need a desk, better to showcase the devices, btw we are here for tech not to see you

  54. Mustafa Ayub
    Mustafa Ayub
    2 órája

    It's not so much the table as it was the frame. Your previous format was framed very well; made it appealing to watch. The current video frame cuts out your hands and elbows which makes it visually jarring. Observe in side-by-side comparison with old format. Watching you review laptops by holding them in your hands, pressing keys, popping the back etc was the benefit of the table. Try experimenting with a standing table. Or a new style where you can change the scene by walking to a table at your right or left, for a specific segment of the review. Pan camera as you walk to table. Frame is important, again. The studio is too skeletal. It's something that will improve over time, ofcourse, but the grey cement walls are a departure from your clean, minimalist backdrop. Unless you have a revamped style in mind, a temporary fix would be to recreate the clean appearance of your previous videos, but at a larger scale to fit the studio. Take Marques' studio for example. It's just a large scale version of his style, rather than a complete revamp. Your studio should also expand your style rather than change it all together. Congrats on the new studio!

  55. Ravi raj singh gaur
    Ravi raj singh gaur
    2 órája

    we need that table, with your dixie bauer glorifying your setup.

  56. Ktokolwiek
    2 órája

    Does anybody know what is the TGP on this laptops' gpu, especially the GL Pulse model?

  57. bobaneq bobaneq
    bobaneq bobaneq
    2 órája

    Congrats Dave, cant wait for the content created in this awesome studio, great taste of simplicity

  58. Gelín Eguinosa Rosique
    Gelín Eguinosa Rosique
    2 órája

    D2D go back to the table, please!

  59. varun sethi
    varun sethi
    2 órája

    Pl bring the table

  60. coolitd
    2 órája

    I guess 1500 people forgot how to use their ears? they straight up missed the intro and ignored the fact that it was an opinion

  61. A J
    A J
    2 órája

    table no table, no idea, but the shots which shows the display was very darker, like a poorly lit room

  62. Swernim Chandra
    Swernim Chandra
    2 órája

    we want that table, it feels like we r sitting together and having a conversation with the table

  63. Pioneer Afridi
    Pioneer Afridi
    2 órája

    yeah the laptops you talking about must be in frame ....background looks dope

  64. Sinh Nguyen
    Sinh Nguyen
    2 órája

    Hey, Dave. Amazing laptops. If you want to send them to me, I will play my worst dota on them. Yeah, I just threw a big MSI away a few days ago. Hello? 2D here.

  65. Low Waste, High Melanin
    Low Waste, High Melanin
    2 órája

    Your level of hype is so bad infectious!!! I'm so excited for your new content, Dave!

  66. Wil
    2 órája

    I prefer your no-table method as you wander into the unknown art form of a review channels filmography. Seeing you stand up like that, in that room, gives your videos an extremely unique signature look. Because other people seem to want the table and you seem to need the table, there might be a middle ground. Have your narrations standing but feel free to wander to a "second space" where there are a stack of laptops. When you talk directly to us, the viewers, you go back to your standing position. Feel free to use the table, but keep your main narration in that current standing position. When you take off laptops maybe cut to a table with a stack of laptops. Have fun with it. In the middle ground there's a bunch of different things you can do.

  67. Dalla Andy
    Dalla Andy
    2 órája

    You should get a table on wheels, so you have the option to swap it out.

    2 órája

    we need the table

  69. Oliver Hughes
    Oliver Hughes
    2 órája

    Not seeing the devices next to you as you talk about them loses some sort out authenticity, it's hard to explain. I think still a table somewhere where they always sit in frame and you can pick them up will add some magic!

  70. Vonny
    2 órája

    function over fashion dude how are you gonna do anything without a table? just get a nice desk or something

  71. Al Bi
    Al Bi
    2 órája

    I miss the white tube lights

  72. William Zafaran
    William Zafaran
    2 órája

    get back the table

  73. Pushpmeet Gulatisingh
    Pushpmeet Gulatisingh
    2 órája

    Well with the table, we could always see you pointing out stuff and fiddling with the device. In this frame which you are in now, it feels empty. You will have to fill it up a little atleast

  74. Guto Gerbase
    Guto Gerbase
    2 órája

    Playing with the devices while you speak gives a different perspective that is not always possible with the product-specific shots. That being said, we need a table or something to stack the devices 🤣

  75. Eweyhen
    2 órája

    It's really awesome to see you so happy. I can definitely feel a different energy in your videos since you got your own studio. Im happy for you and have been loving the content!

  76. Albertus Ryan Adrianto
    Albertus Ryan Adrianto
    2 órája

    The old format is fine for me. There's nothing wrong with the table showing on camera. Afterall, it's kinda weird when you have so many things to show, but most of the time, it's hidden from the camera, because you don't want to show table.

  77. Jason Manning
    Jason Manning
    2 órája

    +1 for table. Maybe a standing table if you don't want to sit?

  78. Nick Rich
    Nick Rich
    2 órája

    Standing works. I'd just add a 'display platform' go creative on that!

  79. Chris Bayani
    Chris Bayani
    2 órája

    We need that table! Lost audio for as few seconds? What did we miss? Hahaha

  80. HK Gnp
    HK Gnp
    2 órája

    Pls bring back the devices on the table, arranged so aesthetically, and makes the whole aet so classy