Best Gaming Mouse Tier List 2020

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The best gaming mouse in a tier list video
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  1. Warren Tusker
    Warren Tusker

    The predator 350 Cestus is awesome.

  2. BekirHan
    2 órája

    Will you review "ASUS ROG Keris Wireless" Dave?

  3. acrazyr
    5 órája

    i think the superlight has MUSB for weight reasons

  4. Mr. Ticklebutts
    Mr. Ticklebutts
    22 órája

    Hey... if the software isn't buggy af like *cough ASUS software cough* ... fair enough I'll take the ugly software LOL

  5. sadd666
    2 napja

    i was watching this vid to see which mouse i should buy next... i have a logitech g203 lightsync and i did not even expect this mouse to be in the list......

  6. Axtrem1s
    3 napja

    i should have waited for the o wireless but i got the o minus dont get me wrong its fantastic but i favor a wireless mouse with a good price.

  7. Gabi Matei
    Gabi Matei
    3 napja


  8. Jky 17
    Jky 17
    3 napja

    I highly disagree about the basilisk beeing better than the g502, it may be better than the proteus spectrum version but the hero and lightspeed are better.

  9. Joakim Dam
    Joakim Dam
    4 napja

    Where's makalu 67 on this list?

  10. zvvx
    5 napja

    yeah ur buggin

  11. SirSethery
    5 napja

    As someone with big hands (22cm) whose favorite mouse shape is Deathadder/G703, I'm wondering if I'll like the Pwnage. I was looking at a Viper, but I held one at a Best Buy, and I just really don't like the shape. I'm just not a big fan of the honeycomb on the Pwnage. I'd like to try the G Pro Superlight, but I'd like to see how it feels before spending $150.

  12. Chit with a C
    Chit with a C
    6 napja

    Glorious is selling grip tape for their glorious model o. It covers up the holes, and provides extra grip. I think it is great.

  13. enfer
    6 napja

    I hate yet to find a mouse that works well and is pretty

  14. Aristotle
    7 napja

    "this is a strong hard D for me" (giggles) Haha! Gotcha! 🤣

  15. lil lones
    lil lones
    7 napja

    Wasnt the concept of a mouse stolen? Seems like razer was just continuing the trend

  16. marc anthony
    marc anthony
    7 napja

    Thats a strong hard “D” for me😳

  17. MMA Keyboard Warrior
    MMA Keyboard Warrior
    8 napja

    wow them forearms looking vascular

  18. Dreamwake
    8 napja

    Can anyone recommend me a good wireless Soft/Silent Click gaming mouse?

  19. Dreamwake
    8 napja

    7:21 trypophobia mouse

  20. jeepkid92
    8 napja

    First Gen razer naga is the goat change my mind... there’s a reason they are 400$+ on sites now

  21. HYPERS
    8 napja

    why is the viper ultimate S tier but has micro usb and the g pro A ?

  22. tthreat23
    9 napja

    Complains that the superlight is micro usb but so is the razer viper ultimate.

  23. Pdlng Sqrs
    Pdlng Sqrs
    9 napja

    these mice tooooooooo expensive..

  24. Colt Dallas
    Colt Dallas
    9 napja

    If I could rate my partners on HUfrom tier list like this. LoL

  25. Arthopoda
    9 napja

    for the overall performance which one should I buy model o wireless or viper ultimate? my hand can fit both of these.

  26. Sebas
    9 napja

    “Thats a strong, hard D for me” -Dave

  27. Francis Madira
    Francis Madira
    10 napja

    you look like oliver from how to get away with murder

  28. GodricThe
    11 napja

    I wish I saw this video 24 hours ago. Just bought M705 and it is bad bad not just for games but for productivity also. I should've went with deadadder or G203

  29. Nihil Bones
    Nihil Bones
    11 napja

    Nice video

  30. Fred Primus
    Fred Primus
    11 napja

    Hey Dave, how bout tier list for standard mouse for work

  31. jenesuispasbavard
    11 napja

    I wish Logitech would make a gaming version of the MX Master 3. It's basically perfect, but lags a bit compared to my G604 on a 144Hz monitor.

  32. Nerf Matt
    Nerf Matt
    12 napja

    Are there any covers for Model O wireless to cover the holes?

  33. Nerf Matt
    Nerf Matt
    12 napja

    What would people buy Viper Ultimate or Viper 8k or Model O wireless

  34. douglepong
    12 napja

    Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless. You can plug it directly in via usb, connect through Bluetooth, or use the Wireless RF dongle. RGB lighting, and it's 58 bucks Canadian which means it's a little under 40 bucks American. For anyone reading this comment you will not go wrong with this mouse.

  35. Yelp
    12 napja

    Nice mice Why are you here WHY ? Longest comment in history HI you made it to the end you deserve a cookie 🍪

  36. Jay
    13 napja

    I thought the model O was ambidextrous

  37. AyushTheHostage
    14 napja

    but the thing is literally everybody has random USB micro chargers hanging around so that might also be a reason why Logitech did that.

  38. Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera
    14 napja

    no corsair?

  39. Momodu Jalloh
    Momodu Jalloh
    14 napja

    why is the MX Master 3 you are using not included in the review? why, is it not good for gaming? if not, what about general productivity?

    14 napja

    IMO the Aerox 3 is actually S tier with with 3rd party skates (i use Hotline Games 3.0 for Zowie ZA13) ngl lol but agreed, its stock skates are doodoo.

  41. Joji ann Santos
    Joji ann Santos
    14 napja

    I feel like the ranking should be based on the performace of the mouse intead of how you feel about it like just because they copied a certain design then its a D tier. Judge it by its overall performance and not the history behind it 🙄

    1. Joji ann Santos
      Joji ann Santos
      13 napja

      @Yu Producciones I mean yeah it is his personal choice but instead of ranking it by its back story, he should of rank it by the performance like how good is it. Because he rank the razer in D tier which he said was copied from logi tech but the performance of the mice it self is like an A tier but he still put it on D tier cause its just copied

    2. Yu Producciones
      Yu Producciones
      13 napja

      I get what are talking about, but.. this is His ranking.. ranked from his personal experience. So.. i may disagree with what he could choose (i dont).. but i liked... He have passion

  42. Nyxtia
    14 napja

    I don't really have a dog in this fight but your take on the Basilisk is so weird to me. Like, you admit they copied a shape but improved on it. We as consumers win out on that and mice as technology are pretty limited to only a few shapes. If I were a Logitech exec I'd probably be mildly annoyed but as a consumer, we're the ones who benefit from competition where one company takes a good thing from a competitor's product and then improves on other aspects. That's like, the cornerstone of technological development.

  43. Itz DeathGamer
    Itz DeathGamer
    14 napja

    Apparently a $39 gaming mouse can beat even the DeathAdder v2 Pro which costs $90 more than the g203. Wow, just Wow

  44. High Ant
    High Ant
    14 napja

    My Steelseries Rival 3 CS:GO Edition died, so currently looking for a new gaming mouse. Nice video, just a recommendation, if you could put steelseries mice on that list in the future, it'd be great :)

  45. tyler4tado
    15 napja

    This guy deducts score because the brand made him pay for his copy. Don't listen to a word he says

  46. xhag1x
    16 napja

    I have yet to find a mouse to replace my G502 I might just end up buying a new G502

  47. [GD] Phantasm
    [GD] Phantasm
    17 napja


  48. Vishnu Balachandran
    Vishnu Balachandran
    17 napja

    What about the most your where using..

  49. 雨橙橙
    17 napja

    How much money that razer offered you?

  50. ChosenML
    17 napja

    9:53 he realized what he was saying

  51. toxic 3AK
    toxic 3AK
    18 napja

    whats your rating for g102 lightsync? pls answer

  52. Anton522
    19 napja


  53. Rhylek
    19 napja

    microusb is not a reason to put the mouse below S tier. doesnt affect anything about the mouse at all

  54. 3Deer
    20 napja

    Great video, just found your channel and was wondering what other people thought on gaming mice. I use gaming mice for Minecraft combat. I love your decision of glorious model o wireless as#1. It is such a great mouse; light and high preformance

  55. 3Deer
    20 napja

    Keep up the great work

  56. Christian Boria
    Christian Boria
    20 napja

    corsair glaive S tier--review it brother

  57. Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee
    20 napja

    Doesn't like copycats? Man, I can't believe you're the first person to ever do a tier crazy! Just be unbiased and give an honest rating. Some people have great ideas for concepts but can't execute well, then somebody comes along and goes "oh, holy shit that's a great idea, but I think it'd be better this way." and guess what, they IMPOROVE it....happens literally all the time with vehicles, computers, hell even fucking chefs do this shit! There is ALWAYS a "copycat" but if they're doing it better, is it really copying them, or is it making it better? Now if they didn't change a thing and just slapped their logo on it that's a different god.

    1. ziting
      12 napja

      @Nathan Lee I guess that's your own take on it too. He doesn't like mice that copy from other mice. You're fine with mice that copy from other mice. And that's perfectly ok. As long as you respect each other's views. Calling him a bitch is a bit off the line ngl.

    2. Nathan Lee
      Nathan Lee
      18 napja

      @ZooOf Socks Thanks!

    3. ZooOf Socks
      ZooOf Socks
      18 napja

      @Nathan Lee nice. hope you have fun 👍

    4. Nathan Lee
      Nathan Lee
      18 napja

      @ZooOf Socks I hope so, like I said I've never used anything besides a basic so it'll take a while to get used to for sure.

    5. ZooOf Socks
      ZooOf Socks
      18 napja

      @Nathan Lee oh shit thats pretty nice.

  58. T. N.
    T. N.
    21 napja

    That g203 belongs in S tier bro. Been using it and g305 for yrs now. No other mouse on the market fits my small hands/fingertip grip perfectly, comfortably.

  59. Bartbart1220
    21 napja

    Why is usb c important on the ultralight? I actually dont care that it is micro usb, i dont see the reason

    1. Bartbart1220
      17 napja

      @ZooOf Socks so usb c is faster at charging? I didn’t know that, then I can relate the hate on still using micro usb. I thought usb c was faster at data transfer which you don’t need on a mouse

    2. ZooOf Socks
      ZooOf Socks
      18 napja

      Because you are spending 130 dollars on a gaming mouse with slower charging and usb c is becoming the new standard.

  60. AfteRShocK_
    22 napja

    just 1 fast question, a you are gamer ??

  61. Thomas Wight
    Thomas Wight
    22 napja

    Thank you making videos with the consumer in mind, so many reviews are like "is this good or not" but fail to mention the real life value it holds for the typical consumer!

  62. Chelski
    22 napja

    Was a bit disappointed not to get a review on the basilisk just because it has the same design as another mouse. Copying designs is nothing new and shouldn't be such a big deal... Love all your other videos though Dave!

  63. Daniel Loo
    Daniel Loo
    22 napja

    Loved the review. TQ

  64. Duck The Gamer
    Duck The Gamer
    23 napja

    He says he doesn't like ergonomic mice and look at what he's using to rank these mice

  65. K3BANG
    23 napja

    I bought he regular G Pro Wireless about 12 months ago based on yours and other HUfromrs great reviews of it. Loved it at first, but now it has developed a horrible double clicking issue on the LMB, pretty much un-useable :( Going to exchange it for a Viper Ultimate soon!

  66. iiCapital
    24 napja

    Dude I had to return my g203, sensor was awful and the shape just wasn't my style :/, got a viper mini, awesome mouse. Getting a g pro x superlight in a few days if they don't cancel or something due to avalibility.

  67. Lilveeman
    25 napja

    Personally I don’t see why people care lol it still charges

  68. Lilveeman
    25 napja

    The g pro wireless in A tier all because of a charging port :(

  69. Umar Mehfooz Jalali
    Umar Mehfooz Jalali
    25 napja

    He forgot to put the mx master 2s he is using

  70. Dhruv Saran
    Dhruv Saran
    25 napja

    Lmao this guy is so indecisive

  71. GutsRage
    25 napja

    "please people stop trying to innovate!" like what? That's pretty much the context of what u said maybe with 3d printing and using a particular material it could be achievable, having a fan inside the mouse. I know u said ur making this vid out of fun but NEVER give such horrible advice to ur fanbase/viewers about "stop trying is not gonna work" that's terrible lol.

  72. mate0821
    26 napja

    me, scrolling through the comments in 2021 with a 15 year old Logitech MX518

  73. W0lfbane Shika
    W0lfbane Shika
    26 napja

    No brainer: Corsair's Harpoon Wireless mouse - it's priced properly and uses slipstream technology meaning 1ms response time. I've looked at other wireless mice they're either overpriced, not wireless or aesthetically doesn't appeal to me.

  74. KarambitKing
    26 napja

    Good, good. You put the viper in s tier i won't have to beat you

  75. M G
    M G
    26 napja

    no zowie mice when they dominate the counterstrike pro scene is weird

  76. David Carcamo
    David Carcamo
    27 napja

    The mouse that fits in you hand for hours comfortably is the best. For me it’s the deathadder though I would like to get a bigger mouse

  77. Bradlesmoove
    28 napja

    Basilisk S tier

  78. frosty
    28 napja

    i hav a model o ,g502 hero,bloody p85 and the best is model o g502 sucks it is so bad like it disconnects and connects in a mili sec and if u click sometimes it clicks two times or do not click and its to heavghy

  79. RainPlusCoffee
    28 napja

    Hi, I’m sorry I’m a tech noob. But what are the advantages for having the mouse in USB C and not in micro USB?

  80. Mitch R
    Mitch R
    28 napja

    I put all razer products on my F list because of their software.

    1. KarambitKing
      26 napja

      Shut up and stop liking your own comments

  81. BraidedRanter 500-200kbps
    BraidedRanter 500-200kbps
    28 napja

    Kinda funny to see a $30 mouse in the same tier as an $200 mouse

  82. 10E11 Ho Wang Clement KWOK
    10E11 Ho Wang Clement KWOK
    28 napja

    Mans complained about the charging port on a wireless mouse smh

  83. Ultra Mega Sloth
    Ultra Mega Sloth
    29 napja

    "That's a strong hard D for me"

  84. Ioqid
    29 napja

    I litterally dont give a shit if its a copy or not. I just wanna know if its good or not...

  85. Lay Potvin
    Lay Potvin
    29 napja

    Unrelated but you have a good asmr voice

  86. Joaquin F
    Joaquin F
    29 napja

    people should know that this tier list is tottally a personal opinion

  87. Rudaki

    Okay but what is the best mouse that can connect just with Bluetooth?

  88. Oridemos

    Glad someone called out the micro usb on the g pro super light. Literal deal breaker for me I’m so dissapointed

  89. JCD Bionicman
    JCD Bionicman

    Why wouldn't you put something that requires aftermarket after moderate use anywhere but D?

  90. Joe schmoe
    Joe schmoe

    Came out in 2020, shroud used it before he got sponsored. Idk much about shroud, but i know hes been around a few years, probably before 2020?

  91. Austin Ramsay
    Austin Ramsay

    Its odd to just openly admit your fanboying for a company while trying to do an objective tier list. Just blast your own credibility there huh bud?

  92. Radu Bontea
    Radu Bontea

    Really fun to watch. Haven't tried most of these mouses but I've always had a Razer Deathadder and I've always loved it. Such a solid mouse. I still have one brand new in case the one I'm using breakes. Love it.

  93. Muhammad Haji
    Muhammad Haji

    Plz we want performance quality not your feelings

    1. Lewis
      29 napja

      Yeah bro, we dont want your life story bro, just tell us good mouse lol

  94. NinJazz Rhythm
    NinJazz Rhythm

    I think personally type c are over rated. Logitech went to the lighter material to make the mouse "superlight". The only benefit of type c mouse is fast charging. If you want to save the light of your battery, you want the slow charge.

  95. Chromatic Battle
    Chromatic Battle

    The reason I switched to the basilisk V2 is because the502's Omron switches suck, but the basilisk sucks too, the dpi button is crap compared to logitech and the right click hangs off the side of the mouse.

  96. Michael Welps
    Michael Welps

    That's pretty petty of Coolermaster to do that you can see that a he feels a bit agitated in 12:01

  97. Khaos

    I like my mx master 3 thank you very much

  98. Alpha-CTS-V

    Yep been using the razer viper ultimate forever and I cant go back to anything now

  99. Ex -i
    Ex -i

    Broke community , Where Are you?

  100. A Bear
    A Bear

    I feel the comment on the basilisk stealing the design from g502 is really unfair. Although it looks like a g502 at the front end, but the shape and profile is actually rather different. I have used both but basilisk is noticeably wider. G502 also tapers off a lot earlier at the back than basilisk that provides a rather different fit. If lookalike alone can be categorized as theft then most of those ambidextrous superlights with holes can be called that too.