Nvidia RTX 3060 - $329 Gaming

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My review of the Nvidia RTX 3060. The cheapest RTX 30 series GPU from Nvidia.
Linus Video on the Hashrate nerf - hufrom.info/number/vide/iZ-CzZu4eJrQhrA
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  1. Revivia
    16 órája


  2. Hans J
    Hans J

    Green 🚛

  3. crumikins
    4 napja


  4. Andy Ye
    Andy Ye
    4 napja

    I’ve been vibing with lilac these days x3

  5. sunfire65
    5 napja

    Sapphire blue

  6. neil bryan columna
    neil bryan columna
    5 napja

    Black is the one I want

  7. Joshua Hays
    Joshua Hays
    6 napja

    I think he forgot the 0 between the 3 and 2 lol

  8. Talmas Amantay
    Talmas Amantay
    6 napja

    When the cheapest 3060 costs $1000 in my country 😖

  9. UpstreamNL
    7 napja

    329$? Hahahaha. Try $1200 at the moment!

  10. saneeth sathian
    saneeth sathian
    7 napja


  11. Roamingnomad_
    8 napja

    My favorite color is orange is such a warm color and it describes my taste in things and people. It's really a dope color along with cyan

  12. Sittun Swayam Prakash
    Sittun Swayam Prakash
    9 napja

    Teal and Lilac

  13. Farhan Rafid
    Farhan Rafid
    10 napja

    My fav colour is blue

  14. M V
    M V
    10 napja


  15. Akshat
    10 napja

    any colour is good please give me

  16. Bruh
    11 napja

    my favorite color is light blue 👍👍

  17. Víctor Cornejo
    Víctor Cornejo
    12 napja

    My favorite color is black or white. I could use the GPU to play the newest version of ATS & ETS2 because my laptop can't push that version anymore :(

  18. Lionel Kizungu
    Lionel Kizungu
    12 napja

    The guy got payed by NVIDIA should have said at the beginning of the video "sponsored by NVIDIA". They just changed the bios those two are same cards

  19. Bronson Victor
    Bronson Victor
    12 napja


  20. Arthurian
    12 napja

    Light blue is my jam Teal sometimes, but preferably blue

  21. Wolfen
    13 napja

    Late to the party as well, but my favourite color would be orange i guess. Thanks for the giveaway and keep up your great work! :D

  22. TheGear45
    13 napja


    1. TheGear45
      13 napja

      tbh id really love this cuz im trying to build my first pc and im only missing a decent graphics card

  23. Wren Nicholson
    Wren Nicholson
    13 napja

    I know I’m late- but just in case my favorite color is pink :)! Thanks for the give away

  24. Leart Ajvazaj
    Leart Ajvazaj
    14 napja


  25. wxy z
    wxy z
    15 napja

    Yellow : Trying my luck🙃

  26. Mojtaba
    16 napja

    Red. Thanks!

  27. Gianni Campos
    Gianni Campos
    16 napja


  28. F Z
    F Z
    17 napja


  29. Absolute Unit
    Absolute Unit
    17 napja

    my fave color black

  30. Mr. Nade
    Mr. Nade
    17 napja

    Royal Blue

  31. Basil Khateeb
    Basil Khateeb
    17 napja

    Staring up..Blue

  32. Neelesh Kothari
    Neelesh Kothari
    17 napja

    Electric blue

  33. Lalrinnunga Jahau
    Lalrinnunga Jahau
    17 napja

    Nice to see Dave starting a new aquascaping project. Iwagumi Style Aquascaping would match your style real good. PS: Green is my favorite colour.

  34. EoY
    17 napja

    Love the cool calm white color in your room wallpaper

  35. Goodwiil
    18 napja

    my favorite color is teal blue

  36. Mathew Xiong
    Mathew Xiong
    18 napja

    Favorite color is white!

  37. Christian R
    Christian R
    18 napja

    Slate blue is my favorite :D

  38. muhammed safar
    muhammed safar
    18 napja

    My favourite colour is blue ish white 😀

  39. Mahir Faisal Arian
    Mahir Faisal Arian
    18 napja

    Black Because it's classic

  40. Franco Rivera
    Franco Rivera
    18 napja

    Blue definitely hits different

  41. Guthrie Melchiade
    Guthrie Melchiade
    18 napja


  42. X Æ A-12 Them
    X Æ A-12 Them
    18 napja

    More like $699 gaming in my country

  43. Aung Myo Thet
    Aung Myo Thet
    18 napja


  44. GBS61 TECH
    GBS61 TECH
    19 napja

    i want blue graphics card ,can you give me

  45. Ojas Pareek
    Ojas Pareek
    19 napja

    Dave teal🔥

  46. Eliel Excel Red
    Eliel Excel Red
    19 napja

    Red. I just like red.

  47. d3plus
    19 napja

    Dave talking about The price... Meanwhile here 530€ if you found one.... 🤷‍♂️

  48. Brian Mullenbach
    Brian Mullenbach
    19 napja

    Favorite color: blue!

  49. hector flores
    hector flores
    20 napja

    Cyan 😁

  50. Korblox Union
    Korblox Union
    20 napja

    I guess it is my time to sell my rtx 2070 super for 200 dollars

  51. Connolly Alon
    Connolly Alon
    20 napja

    The upset crib syntactically welcome because promotion resultantly bore round a melted rutabaga. loutish, last plate

  52. Owais is
    Owais is
    20 napja

    I like you man, keep it up

  53. ArdentParagon
    20 napja

    I love the color purple

  54. Bob Calderon
    Bob Calderon
    21 napja

    Black is gold.

    21 napja

    Sup dave, my favorite color is blue/black

  56. Alex P.
    Alex P.
    21 napja

    $329... nice joke. I wonder if it ever drops to that price again. It currently costs more than 600€ everywhere in Europe.

  57. CreeO14
    21 napja

    Blue ❤️

  58. MKR Lyrics
    MKR Lyrics
    21 napja

    Blue hope to get this one to upgrade mine.

  59. Kevin Ramsamy
    Kevin Ramsamy
    21 napja


  60. Muizz Shaikh
    Muizz Shaikh
    21 napja


    21 napja


  62. Hoang Anh Nguyen
    Hoang Anh Nguyen
    22 napja

    Blue! Btw love your videos

  63. KevinJ177
    22 napja

    navy blue

  64. Aftab Khan
    Aftab Khan
    22 napja

    "4:00" I think he wanted to say "Halving"

  65. k4f
    22 napja

    Fav color is green!

  66. Sheikh Ejab
    Sheikh Ejab
    22 napja

    LEMON.. green

  67. Joema Techi
    Joema Techi
    22 napja

    This card is so overpriced in India .

  68. Badin-Mihai Dragu
    Badin-Mihai Dragu
    22 napja


  69. Alfred Conqueror
    Alfred Conqueror
    22 napja

    Emerald green does the work for me

  70. Tina
    22 napja

    Teal or cyan are my favorites!

  71. Trevor mccook
    Trevor mccook
    23 napja

    Light blue

  72. Pegasus 777
    Pegasus 777
    23 napja

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  73. Bo Yangles
    Bo Yangles
    23 napja

    Teal of course!

  74. Karlo Lujic
    Karlo Lujic
    23 napja

    Grey! Love it, because I see it too often, the "unavailable" print when I want to buy a graphics card is always Grey...

  75. Alex Calva
    Alex Calva
    23 napja

    Orange is the best color

  76. Austin Lim
    Austin Lim
    23 napja

    Teal blue!

  77. Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross
    23 napja


  78. Edward Koloditzky
    Edward Koloditzky
    23 napja


  79. Mathieu Rivest
    Mathieu Rivest
    24 napja

    Green is a great color

  80. Prateek Naik
    Prateek Naik
    24 napja


  81. M Kk
    M Kk
    24 napja


  82. 401prov
    24 napja


  83. Micko
    24 napja


  84. Glass of Milk
    Glass of Milk
    24 napja

    Key takeaways Nivida likes money Nivida likes games because of money Nivida sells to gamers because of money Money money money nivida

  85. lac29
    25 napja


  86. Ian Chinworth
    Ian Chinworth
    25 napja

    Favorite color: navy blue My room is navy blue, clothes are navy blue, hell even the case I would put this thing in is gonna be navy blue.

  87. Bojan Barac
    Bojan Barac
    25 napja

    my favorite color is blue

  88. Studlysjowell
    25 napja

    My favorite color is gray, but purple when I'm drunk

  89. 124basics
    25 napja

    Blue :)

    25 napja

    nice vid as always and like BLACK is black a color? ill go RED ❤️👍

  91. Thong Han
    Thong Han
    25 napja

    Grey ◻️

  92. Diastro
    25 napja

    Blue is my favorite color. Your videos are really informative, you keep it clean and simple.

  93. MiguelBuggle
    26 napja

    mint green dave thanks for the giveaway we really appreciate it.

  94. Patrick Wroth
    Patrick Wroth
    26 napja

    🔵 blue!

  95. Florescu Razvan
    Florescu Razvan
    26 napja

    Staying home, without a job, games are the last resort.... but this is forbidden by miners. I hate them.

  96. Dragon Emperor
    Dragon Emperor
    26 napja

    Ocean Blue ! Thanks ! :)

  97. 123 456
    123 456
    26 napja

    Wine red :)

  98. Alejandro Mora
    Alejandro Mora
    26 napja

    Black ftw!!!

  99. Vaibhav Pawase
    Vaibhav Pawase
    26 napja

    purple...would be surprised if this comment gets picked up #pessimist at the core

  100. BeingHuman
    26 napja

    Olive green