OnePlus 9 Pro Review - Camera ClickBait?

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My review of the OnePlus 9 Pro. The Hasselblad camera system compared against the Samsung S21 Ultra, iPhone 12 Pro.
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  1. Dave2D
    19 napja

    If you're a OnePlus user. are you getting this?

    1. derbagger22
      12 napja

      I was disappointed by the underwhelming camera specs. But what is a DEAL BREAKER is single SIM only!?!?!?!

    2. Edward W
      Edward W
      18 napja

      Already pre-order mine, had to get the morning mist because i couldn't get the midnight black (or whatever it was called) cuz it wasn't available in the US apparently?

    3. Tanay Tibrewal
      Tanay Tibrewal
      18 napja


    4. Xtrasolar6039
      18 napja

      No, I'm with the OnePlus 7 pro and so far the newer phones are disappointing specially with the price increases its a no for me

    5. Yuugen BK
      Yuugen BK
      18 napja

      No, may be next year.

  2. Wang Rowan
    Wang Rowan
    6 órája

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    Wang Rowan
    6 órája

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  4. TheRzrsedge
    9 órája

    complaining about color of the phone is ridiculous. the silver is is great and the whole its not one plus looking phone with the camera bump is dumb also. but the S21 Brick and huge square camera bump is fantastic? the oneplus 9 pro design is better than all the phones out there now.

    15 órája

    Are you Canadian ? You speak better English than some Americans I know 😂

  6. Unforgiving Samurai
    Unforgiving Samurai
    15 órája

    photos on 9 pro look pail and dead to me compared to the s21 and iPhone.. that's sad, i prefer vibrant colours we used to have on 7pro and 8 pro

  7. Isaac's Random Thoughts
    Isaac's Random Thoughts
    22 órája

    Great job 👏🏾 on the review. I can tell you’re genuine

  8. GJNA

    How does the S21 struggle with your skintone? You actually look the same in those as in your video. The iPhone makes you look yellow/orange

  9. LlamaMilk
    2 napja

    I saw the frame that flickered. As a video editor I can relate to this. It offen happens to me when importing selected clips to the main timeline

  10. مجمع الابحاث
    مجمع الابحاث
    2 napja

    so should i go with s21 ultra?

  11. Maqsood Ulde
    Maqsood Ulde
    2 napja

    price in India it's 70k, where iPhone 12 pro 129k and Samsung s21 ultra is also above 100k. will you recommend this phone If I want a good high-end phone but don't have that big of a budget?

  12. Loko8
    2 napja

    Just picked up a one plus 8t for $600 I’m really happy

  13. Smash Gaming
    Smash Gaming
    2 napja

    Dave gives off such lovely energy

  14. Joe p
    Joe p
    3 napja

    The phone is 1,069 us dollars as I type this

  15. alen philip
    alen philip
    3 napja

    Now that's a honest review 👏

  16. Arthur Lucena
    Arthur Lucena
    3 napja

    I am very happy with my Oneplus 8 Pro, so I have no reason to even consider another phone for 3 or 4 years. Hopefully, Oneplus will go back in delivering great value in their lineup.

  17. Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz
    3 napja

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  18. Mustafa Lokhand
    Mustafa Lokhand
    3 napja

    Noticed a glitch between 5:50 and 5:52 of the video . Anyone else able to spot it ?

  19. abhitej velore
    abhitej velore
    3 napja

    Hasselblad definitely isn't a spotless company. Hasselblad stellar was found to be a rebranded sony camera and sold at a ridiculous markup. So if they can sully their own brand for a quick buck. Why wouldn't they tie up with a phone maker to do the same?

  20. Nurlan Baytok
    Nurlan Baytok
    3 napja

    Feels like it’s a best time to buy op8 pro

    3 napja

    That selfie has meme potential

  22. blues03
    4 napja

    Dave2D's favorite Smash character? Ness O-KEY

  23. No1Icebreaker
    4 napja

    Thanks for the reminder Dave, Thumbs up, I have been slack...

  24. Lauren
    5 napja

    I got the 7 Pro andwas going to wait until the 10 Pro, but my 7 Pro has been glitching/dying. Hopefully this pans out and there's more realistic photos with the 9 Pro and I can keep it until the 14 or 15 comes out.

  25. brum2302
    5 napja

    Great. Which one gives a smoother frame rate and overall snappiness - 9 Pro or S21 Ultra ?

  26. gilcruz1479
    5 napja

    Where can I get that shirt?

  27. Vertices
    5 napja

    Hi Dave, apparently both 9/9pro have had significant firmware updates for the camera - any chance you could check 'em out? :)

  28. Sandhya Singh
    Sandhya Singh
    5 napja

    dave's white hairs be showing in 3:14 tho!

  29. Sandhya Singh
    Sandhya Singh
    5 napja

    3:01 Dave2D Simpson in the OP 9PRO shot lol

  30. dude
    5 napja

    Everyone's skin is pinkish beige?? Excuse me Dave wtf

  31. sudhanshu tewari
    sudhanshu tewari
    5 napja

    I think carl pei left because he did not want the hassleblad partnership to happen :( , the one plus 9 without ois is still the first reason though ;)

  32. Dominick Bui
    Dominick Bui
    5 napja

    Camera clickbait - absolutely, yes. I spent the past week and a half with this phone, and I still prefer my Pixel 3's camera. Pixel 3 > all

  33. Akash D
    Akash D
    5 napja

    Hey can you review the op9pro camera review after the updates , it's apparently a lot better after updates

  34. Shreeyash Khalate
    Shreeyash Khalate
    5 napja

    4:33 Why is the guy sitting back is looking like Elliot Choy😂😂😂😂

  35. Mike A
    Mike A
    5 napja

    Great review as always. No more onplus for me after owning the 7 Pro ; I really don't get it what makes the software special, it has hardly any features and is way too sparse. Just give me everything and the kitchen sink and ill decide what to use and what to switch off. Plus the software support lately is abysmal, and strangely enough that was their selling point before. Much prefer a Xiaomi, better everything for less.

  36. Murat Karaaslan
    Murat Karaaslan
    7 napja

    That Exeggutor plushie is too cute

  37. adam ek
    adam ek
    7 napja

    this phone iz for idiots

  38. LL H
    LL H
    7 napja

    Folks get the Iphone for 900 to 1129

  39. Flying Ryan - Drone Videos
    Flying Ryan - Drone Videos
    7 napja

    Upgraded from the 7pro and I'm kinda missing my pop up camera now I wanted this for the wireless charging TBH and there sold out of them 😭😭😭

  40. Reason
    8 napja

    I stopped believing in software fixes when the OnePlus 3 could not fix its camera problems. Do your viewers a favor and stop mentioning it as a possible fix for smartphone issues. Why anyone would expect OnePlus to make a good camera, marketing campaign or otherwise, is beyond me. People are gullible.

  41. Mister Reen
    Mister Reen
    8 napja

    I don’t see any point in all these partnerships beside marketing speech. Did we ever see any quality improvement because of such a cooperation?

  42. Aditya Giri
    Aditya Giri
    8 napja

    Why you don't review Vivo phones? Especially I think Vivo X60Pro Plus is worth looking at.

  43. Limited Leo Channel LES
    Limited Leo Channel LES
    9 napja

    From what I can see from your video, I appreciate the colors from OP9 photos. They look wayy more natural to me, even compared with iphone. I love it.

  44. pantsuck11
    9 napja

    why is making everyone making 12 min+ long vidoes about this. I'll save you the time. Don't buy it. there was that hard?

  45. Gwynbleidd
    10 napja

    why are the subtitles Corean?

  46. Uchenna Udeh-Ibe
    Uchenna Udeh-Ibe
    10 napja

    He said skin tone is translucent and it shows off your blood. My skin isn't translucent cos I'm dark skinned. But good video by the way.

  47. VeryFastRodi
    10 napja

    Having a choise between the 9 pro and s21+. Biggest difference for me is between the camera, specs and stuff I can do with both. But having a tough time deciding between camera, 9 pro has more options but when looking at reviews. I'm kinda half and half. Would this be something that will be improved with software update is a big question that comes to mind

  48. Alauddin Shahed
    Alauddin Shahed
    10 napja

    I think oneplus should stick to just being fast and smooth. They should focus on the software experience for the foreseeable future untill they have something REALLY good to offer in the camera dipertment

  49. iChewie
    10 napja

    Oneplus is now the middle child...

  50. Yasen Alexandrov
    Yasen Alexandrov
    11 napja

    Hello there 5:49

  51. Moin Sheriff
    Moin Sheriff
    11 napja

    Which watch is that

  52. Daniel Lan
    Daniel Lan
    11 napja

    Oneplus 7 Pro seems to be ageing really well like a fine wine. Loving my Oneplus 7 Pro!

  53. Google user
    Google user
    11 napja

    If OnePlus partnered with Google for official gcam support . Google's optimization and that huge camera sensor would have killed iPhone 🔥🔥

  54. value365
    12 napja

    What are the differences between note and non-note versions?

  55. Himanshu Patil
    Himanshu Patil
    12 napja

    Corporate Clickbait 😂😂😂

  56. Utsav Garg
    Utsav Garg
    12 napja

    what is Dave doing with a hack like JokeBox Therapy

  57. Spike Pi
    Spike Pi
    12 napja

    Great and honest review. I like how calm you talk and explain and don't scream at me like all the other reviewers!

  58. Francesco Di Fazio
    Francesco Di Fazio
    12 napja

    ok but why the pokémon subliminal message at 5:49

  59. 15Stratos
    12 napja

    5K interesting

  60. Huy Dang
    Huy Dang
    12 napja


  61. Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar
    12 napja

    Gotta appreciate the cleanliness of the video Dave. I'm inspired by your calmness, clean distraction free no-nonsense review. It's just awesome.

  62. Engr Muhammad Sohail
    Engr Muhammad Sohail
    12 napja

    The photo taken at 1:57 is a type of when tech giants are talking about future, health, renewable energy, and a happy & smart world. Dave should copyright this image and probably can sell it.

  63. albert macana
    albert macana
    13 napja

    9:44 Silent Hill effect

  64. albert macana
    albert macana
    13 napja

    4:28 Breakdance NICE SHOT DAVE!

  65. Gaurav Mishra
    Gaurav Mishra
    13 napja

    Sorry OnePlus, you failed copying Samsung Apple this time well, you kept yourself in the category of all other Chinese brands

  66. MZH47
    13 napja

    Yeah this is pretty disappointing over the 8 pro

  67. Yosaf Mehmet
    Yosaf Mehmet
    13 napja

    that tiltshift shot is amazing!

  68. Vemperala Arjun
    Vemperala Arjun
    13 napja

    OnePlus: Everyone will go crazy over Hasselblad Buyers : 11:57

  69. Sano Gamble
    Sano Gamble
    13 napja

    i waited for OP9 pro...but ended up frustrated...i am not buying it saving a little bit to buy S21Pro instead

    1. rigbyme
      12 napja

      S21 pro?

  70. Vinay Mathews
    Vinay Mathews
    13 napja

    Still feel the 8T lived up to the expectation than this

  71. Hippy Bogan
    Hippy Bogan
    13 napja

    Hasser Who? Well knows photography company? LOL Cameras on phones are garbage

  72. Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone
    13 napja

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Apple the only company now without a 120hz panel in a phone And come on hassleblad arnt going to put thousands of pounds like there cameras into a first phone are they Oneplus 10 and 10 pro will see the hassleblad come into it a bit more

  73. Melendez Jonas
    Melendez Jonas
    13 napja

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  74. gu jabber
    gu jabber
    13 napja

    hyped too much, time to shit

  75. Khải Phạm Bá
    Khải Phạm Bá
    13 napja

    Brutally honest! Next time I will contain myself before any marketing from any brand. Gotta see what the reviewers think, and even try the devices myself. If OnePlus is also in on the hyped train, I don't think I can trust any smartphone manufacturer anymore.

  76. osepvelasquez
    13 napja

    just like the hype you have with apple devices 🤷

  77. Ian Teng
    Ian Teng
    13 napja

    OP: okay, time to announce 9t pro...

  78. James Webb
    James Webb
    14 napja

    I'm absolutely upgrading from my 8 Pro and getting the Pine Green. I think the wired charging speeds are exciting enough that I'm willing to give up a bit of zoom.

  79. Shex balen
    Shex balen
    14 napja

    Wow amazing

  80. Fionn
    14 napja

    Imagine Oneplus doesnt load the Hasselblad software on the phones yet and they ll release it at the official release date.

    1. No one
      No one
      12 napja

      In today's episode of Things That Aren't Gonna Happen!

  81. Almir Omeragic
    Almir Omeragic
    14 napja

    OnePlus has been becoming a hype driven company since OP 3t. Honestly, the geek in me is disappointed.

  82. ft fast t?
    ft fast t?
    14 napja

    sir really overpriced in india in just name of camera from 600$ to 700$ just 100 dollars for name of company logo hassleblade overall nthing is chaNGED REALLY DISPOINTED SIR I WISH IT COMES BACK 600$ DOLLARS AS ONEPLUS7 PRO IN PRICE CHANGE SO THAT ASIANS CAN AFFORD

  83. hady yaseen
    hady yaseen
    14 napja

    xiaomi took the lead over op

  84. Julian Salem
    Julian Salem
    14 napja

    Ok. The cam performance now kinda similar to what Sony has.

  85. Erik Ng
    Erik Ng
    14 napja

    Glad to have bought a one plus phone before the price got too damn high (samsung flagship level)... still the 8 pro wasn't cheap, costs just under 3k in malaysia.

  86. Zeriss66
    14 napja

    From a photographer's point of view, the neutral output color of the OP9 pro is really useful for post-producing. By having a subtle and realistic tone in the colors, the photo can be managed in a really good and handy way. Of course, this is a plus only for user like me whose are hobby photographer, for a normal user this might not be the best solution.

  87. Vaidya Rahul Gupta
    Vaidya Rahul Gupta
    14 napja

    Is one plus 9 R worth buying rather one plus 9?

  88. Shahib Malik
    Shahib Malik
    14 napja

    Dave... Where do u live? 🤔

  89. Ayush Rana
    Ayush Rana
    14 napja

    I believe one plus 9r is still is a better choice if though it is still a 8t with a new paint job

  90. M_rco
    14 napja

    I mean high Chance its gonna be like last year were the 8 Pro was good but not what people expected and 1 month after release first camera update rolled out which improved the camera system by a lot

  91. Krisna Saputra
    Krisna Saputra
    14 napja

    The comments are mostly negative. I never had a oneplus phone, but in my opinion this is the kind of color science I like, a bit flat and realistic look. When Dave gave the photo comparison, I honestly prefer OP9 looks by far compared to samsung and apple, pixel is the most aggressive one on HDR.

  92. Judiel Jon Aviles
    Judiel Jon Aviles
    14 napja

    That blue oneplus charging cable tho.... Where can I buy those?

  93. arkoprobho gupta
    arkoprobho gupta
    14 napja

    Subsurface scattering ( for skin)

  94. Dhruv Nayar
    Dhruv Nayar
    14 napja

    In India, the OP9Pro is for Rs. 65,000 (USD 880 approx.) whereas, the competition, the S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are upwards of 1500 USD (in India). The OP 9 Pro, pricing wise in India, competes with the S21 (regular) and the iPhone 12 Mini. So coming short by a few points to the S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max but being HALF the price, is crazy. It is the best OnePlus at the price of the lower range Samsung or Apple.

  95. Waseek K
    Waseek K
    14 napja


  96. Zakhariah K.
    Zakhariah K.
    14 napja

    Ok Apple wins again

  97. Tarik Ahmia
    Tarik Ahmia
    14 napja

    After this review I thought you were a mind reader.😁

  98. Mike
    14 napja

    the problem is they really just have run out of things to do with a metal and glass slab. Innovation really stopped at the s10+ . Why would you pay for what's essentially the same phone all over again. The only thing that is going to make me upgrade for the next few years is a decent foldable.

  99. Andre Luxury Channel
    Andre Luxury Channel
    14 napja

    Disappoint company

  100. AMJ04
    15 napja

    oneplus 7T still good for me