Samsung Galaxy S21 + S21 Ultra Review

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Review compared to the S21 Ultra. Camera and battery tests.
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  1. Dave2D
    2 hónapja

    If you're getting an S21, what phone are you replacing? Also, do you think there will be a new Galaxy Note this year? they can't replace it with just THIS kinda of s-pen right???

    1. Josechezz
      9 órája

      No galaxy note this year

    2. Bilal Husain
      Bilal Husain
      4 napja

      Upgrading to s21+ from the OnePlus 8. Also, I've never owned a Samsung galaxy phone too. Is the upgrade worth it?

    3. Amriz Mazlin
      Amriz Mazlin
      6 napja

      is it worth it to upgrade from s10+ to s21 regular ?

    4. vincent coreau
      vincent coreau
      7 napja

      @RS S got it for 2 months now and cannot be more satisfied to be honest. I have none of the issue your are reporting ... maybe its the exynos version ?? The phone size really depends on hand size so thats just a preference i had the s10e and would never go back. For the battery its the only phone that does not need to charge during the day which for my high usage is impressive. The adpative screen makes everything looks smooth as hell, althought i would prefer to be able to choose 60hz 90hz or 120hz . For the jack i honestly dont care anymore since got the buds pro fro free. But at the end if it wasnt from the carrier deal it would of not been worth it.

    5. RS S
      RS S
      7 napja

      @vincent coreau you maybe making a mistake. S21 Ultra is having too many issues, heating issue, adaptive refresh rate causing startles and battery life is not efficient enough. It does not have headphone jack, micro sd slot, not too mention it is a very large and heavy phone which is not comfortable to hold. I don't know how they can justify the high price for this phone.

  2. Mitch Marzin
    Mitch Marzin

    Important stuff starts at 1:40

  3. Zinger3
    2 napja

    an Android phone removing SD Card support is the dumbest shit ive ever heard.

  4. Balu Maddala
    Balu Maddala
    2 napja

    I just like the wallpapers u use in ur phones.. the sea green coloured. Please tell me the name of it. I would like to have it on my phone.. please

  5. Littlecorner
    3 napja

    Have this phone. It gets hot so easily

  6. Abhijit Bagchi
    Abhijit Bagchi
    3 napja

    Wow! the new background is a beauty.

  7. dropthetenors
    5 napja

    This probs won't get traction bc I know I'm 2 months late. But like. I have an s10 and Verizon offering $440 for trade in upgrade. Like. I know it really is worth is but I still want my headphone jack and SD card slot. Should I just give into the new normal and get the ultra or wait and hope they bring back the dumb details I want next year?

  8. Hoky Tech
    Hoky Tech
    5 napja

    Premium plastic phone

  9. Dao O
    Dao O
    6 napja

    Both phones look amazing!

  10. Daniel Infante
    Daniel Infante
    6 napja

    Replacing a blue note 10 plus for the s21 ultra. Even with the "regular black."

  11. Midnight Xen
    Midnight Xen
    6 napja

    I'm So on the Fence right Now I've Currently Got the S9+ Is It Worth the "Upgrade"?

  12. beach 995
    beach 995
    8 napja

    So he said that you have to be into zoom or for battery life to get the ultra .but I bought it mainly for gaming.....which he did not mention whatsoever. Mkh and mrwhosetheboss are way better than this guy when it comes to reviewing a phone from every angle and in depth

  13. kelvin felix
    kelvin felix
    8 napja

    Came from the s10 to the s21 ultra. The fingerprint scanner is miles better

  14. Prashun Aryal
    Prashun Aryal
    8 napja

    How are people bantering Apple for whatever they do but easily forgiving Samsung for having plastic on their phone?

  15. Jerome Motrot
    Jerome Motrot
    9 napja

    21 ultra replacing iPhone 12 pm

  16. chippumalu
    9 napja

    Sir plz upload more videos, waiting for next video

  17. Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez
    10 napja

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  18. Taz D
    Taz D
    11 napja

    Personally I hate that glass is premium. I miss metal.

  19. kam shaft
    kam shaft
    13 napja

    what about irl differences on both phones ??????????????????????????

  20. AramisTech
    14 napja

    I think the charger is something that should be able included with their phone. The average customer that switches for example from an iphone to this would get stuck with a 5 watt charger and no earbuds, come on. If you want to be environmentally friendly or don't need the stuff then you should a discount but for the price these phones are going for they should come with the charger and buds. I see this as greed by these companies to make more money per phone while providing less value and claiming its to save the environment.

  21. Tiagraj I
    Tiagraj I
    15 napja

    Talk about alienating your audience. Not every one is an enthusiast. Sure I get sweaty palms with new technology but I also like good value and convenience. That's my point of view

  22. Ivan Trejo
    Ivan Trejo
    17 napja

    s21 or s21+?

    1. Ivan Trejo
      Ivan Trejo
      17 napja

      nvm i get it s21 and(+) s21ultra ok

  23. Lee Moe
    Lee Moe
    17 napja

    The Ultra would be my ideal machine had it not been for the fucking curved screen that I fucking hate 🤮🤮🤮

  24. Ajnabi Ashnai
    Ajnabi Ashnai
    17 napja

    I can't explain how beautiful this design looks. I wish Apple had put some money on the design!

  25. Ilavenil
    18 napja

    Thanks for honest review

  26. chris prior
    chris prior
    20 napja

    the plastic i don't really feel as if its expensive but i like it for the fact that when u drop glass it doesn't break but cracks so it look more broken. as to the feel of it i put my phone in a see through case so i don't actually feel it. As to the camera bump i got the grey 1 so i don't see it much as its same colour as the body.

  27. Qoxyy Uybk
    Qoxyy Uybk
    20 napja

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  28. Rohan Maharana
    Rohan Maharana
    21 napja

    Hi Dave awesome review. I have set your pic with the colorful chairs as my wallpaper until I find a better one.

  29. Josua D
    Josua D
    21 napja

    last year comment: cry in exynos this year comment: cry in exynos

  30. Yajson
    21 napja

    No love for the Plus variant?

    1. namcicle
      20 napja

      I guess not, huh? I suppose its like a weird middle ground were the money you pay makes a smaller improvement then the Ultra for its money.

  31. Juice Xu
    Juice Xu
    22 napja

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  32. LopezLion
    23 napja

    I mean, can anyone name a black phone that comes anywhere close to the matte black on the S21 Ultra?

    1. Drew C.
      Drew C.
      22 napja

      @LopezLion yes it was, but the black itself looking at a far distance is somehow alike.

    2. LopezLion
      22 napja

      @Drew C. Weeell, That was metal black phone.

    3. Drew C.
      Drew C.
      22 napja

      Maybe the matte black of the iphone 7 plus? Also, razer phone 1 too not sure though. Just a thought.

  33. Extimic Kwok
    Extimic Kwok
    25 napja

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  34. Herman Jackson
    Herman Jackson
    25 napja

    This guy does very bad reviews. This phone is a BEAST in every way. He's obviously an Apple Fan Boy. Terrible review. Do yourself a favor and listen to MKBHD

  35. Juice Xu
    Juice Xu
    25 napja

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  36. Nicholas Ewald
    Nicholas Ewald
    25 napja

    I will never understand why people knock Samsung's portrait mode. It is objectively better than any iPhone portrait mode on the market. I used to use a Samsung A51 for portrait mode shots and it almost always perfectly captures a blurred background even down to really fine detail with thin hairs. You nailed it with the video quality thing but you're dead ass wrong about portrait mode.

    1. namcicle
      19 napja

      @Nicholas Ewald True

    2. Nicholas Ewald
      Nicholas Ewald
      20 napja

      @namcicle I think that iPhones take excellent photos and the portrait mode is great, but I really prefer the hard line look that Samsung went with. I think you're totally right that photos aren't as objective as we like to think. Samsung's post processing is generally worse than Apple's, but I like this feature in particular more.

    3. namcicle
      20 napja

      The thing arent objective about half the time. I personally prefer the iPhone's portraits because it reminds me of a real DSLR, but I love Samsung's look with that extra punch and contrast, but I guess you can have a different preference, and I can definitely see why you might like Samsung's portrait mode more.

  37. Mino the mandarin
    Mino the mandarin
    26 napja

    You couldn't use 1440p on 120 hertz on the older phones so samdung just removed the option

  38. Dinesh Behera
    Dinesh Behera
    28 napja

    One plus is not good in term of privacy

  39. Вася Пупкин
    Вася Пупкин
    28 napja

    I don't know. These new samsung phones are so weird. Both S and Note. I remember in the past, when I have heard galaxy Note, I knew it was going to give the best of what you can get regardless of the configuration. Now some are plasticky, some are 1080p, don't have sd card slots, no jack, flat screens, cameras are way worse than competition. In past generations the gap was smaller. I don't know, I want to upgrade my Note 9, but everything is just a compromise. Note 9 was the last samsung phone that had everything inside that you could buy and say it literally has no big flaws...

  40. Jason Chamberlain
    Jason Chamberlain
    28 napja

    After discounts and trade ins, the amount of phone you get in the ultra is mindblowing. I want that battery and S pen

  41. Johno
    29 napja

    9:20 I'm sorry what? Also I swear I'm so confused. Mkbhd puts the Samsung portrait mode above the iPhone and pixel now I'm hearing the opposite

    1. namcicle
      20 napja

      I guess the way photos look are subjective, so everyone is going to have a preference.

  42. Luke out
    Luke out

    Going from a samsung A5 to a A30 then to a S21 and i love the display. Even if jst 1080p, it's all i need in a 6.2 inch display

  43. Shan Iqbal Adviser
    Shan Iqbal Adviser

    You speaks from the heart and really honest review. We love it at least not like MKBHD

  44. Jesus is the way the truth the best life
    Jesus is the way the truth the best life

    That’s a dope view

  45. Asim Khan
    Asim Khan

    I use the camera more for video calls than taking pictures or videos. I think the camera test should including testing on apps like Zoom Video. My IPhone X renders terrible video specially when there is light coming from my back compared to my ROG 2 which renders sharp & Clean video. iPhone renders grainy video on zoom.

  46. Deepansh Chandra
    Deepansh Chandra

    OnePlus 9 or Samsung S21?

  47. Bokang Sepinare
    Bokang Sepinare

    When he says it has the worse portrait but the photo actually looks like a video he recorded on his high class camera 😂🤣🤣 10:50

  48. illunimati ö
    illunimati ö

    poor video quality on the flagship phone . and plastic yuckk!

  49. Nishchal Sharma
    Nishchal Sharma

    The only reviewer who said " That Phanton Black isn't any Special ". Totally agree with you bro.

  50. Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo

    Has anyone on here some the samsung trade in and if so did they have any issues at all how did it go I wanna trade in my note 20 ultra for 700 credit for the s21 ultra

  51. Overlord Actual
    Overlord Actual

    9:37 What is going on with the buildings on the edge of the screen in the iphone video shot?

  52. Godolias tech Tips
    Godolias tech Tips

    your Background view is amazing

  53. Totem of Melon
    Totem of Melon

    That is the best black i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dinkle x
    Dinkle x

    Idk... I'm stuck between this and the Nite 20 Ultra for my friend.

  55. Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    The lack of accessories is not an issue of value, but an issue of: The customer don't matter. If you are a prestigious brand, you would aspire to deliver the most prestigious package to the consumer. What if Tesla stopped selling wheels? What if Starbucks stopped selling coffee in cups? What if architects design schools without classrooms? What if McDonald's sold you cheeseburgers without cheese? It's sad that in 2021, basic things like basic customer service and product essentials have to be taught.

  56. Jason Hastings
    Jason Hastings

    The S21 line is my favorite design of any phone to date

  57. imicca

    Apart from being cheap, there is no advantage to plastic really

  58. Parikshit Khadun
    Parikshit Khadun

    No charger.. no me buying these stuffs!

  59. Eric Yim
    Eric Yim

    will never buy a phone without sd card. Also, I prefer they put the camera module of S21 ultra in a smaller phone

  60. 👨🏻‍💻

    I've watched his videos forever and never realized until this one that he has a major underbite and speech impetement 😳

  61. adam heeley
    adam heeley

    100x zoom is a stalker's dream for sure

  62. Ralvin

    finally rewatching this from my s21 ultra after a 6 years of iphone se 1st gen. ghad this is monstrously amazing phone 💕

  63. ThrowMeBeer

    Dude get a safety cover for that pool!

  64. Joe L
    Joe L

    I'm so happy i left the Iphone for S21 Ultra best decision I ever made monster of a phone.. RIP Iphone lol..

  65. Joe L
    Joe L

    I'm so happy i left the Iphone for S21 Ultra best decision I ever made monster of a phone.. RIP Iphone lol..

    1. the premium experience
      the premium experience
      29 napja

      Hello Samsung fanboy

  66. seongjunbaek

    S21 series do use the telephoto in portrait mode bro

  67. monofxide

    Thanks for the review Polyp - Been debating on trading in my note 9 for this but I love my built in stylus to much. Have a good one brotha - Path

  68. bigran rambu
    bigran rambu

    that black is special Dave, very, very.... Special!!

  69. Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman

    I'm DEFINITELY into battery life AND the zooms! 👍😁 Expecting my S21 Ultra in a couple days! CAN'T WAIT!

  70. Sean Lee
    Sean Lee

    10:24 So does that mean a NON-Ultra S21 would have just as good of low light video quality using the ultrawide camera as the Ultra?

  71. Floating Peaks
    Floating Peaks

    How can you legitimise a company releasing a substandard tech product just to make profit, tech is about advancement. The only good phone in the lineup is the ultra and its just not about zooming in or the battery life. Its just the best phone in the line up and the only one where samaung didn't skimp, except the sd card slot. But there are good reasons why it needs to be removed. Sd cards slow down a phone and most people do or really should move storage into the cloud as they usually own more then one device.

  72. Lianne Cyle
    Lianne Cyle


  73. Lin Nyunt
    Lin Nyunt

    Haha, ironically Uraverageconsumer isn't your average consumer either. 🤣

  74. Rashesh panchal
    Rashesh panchal

    Where can i get this wallpaper?

  75. Nervous Neighbour
    Nervous Neighbour

    9:19 Wow, you were really close to the Vought HQ

  76. Little Potato Pie
    Little Potato Pie

    Watching this again after switching to the S21 from Note 8. Loving the phone so far. The screen is amazing, 1080p is really not an issue.


    Curves says the guy who loved the one plus 8 pro😁

  78. Darnell G
    Darnell G

    This guy makes PERFECT REVIEWS.

  79. Harsh Shaw
    Harsh Shaw

    Hey, why you still make 16:9 videos?

  80. MishkaFilmOfficial

    I say always wait for the Note Series.

  81. pinkfreud62

    Keep in mind, if you're whole thing is about photo & video quality then you should invest in a professional camera and not rely on a phone. These phones should be good enough for the average person.

  82. KINGLY

    I ordered the S21 just because Telus gave it to me on cooperate plan for $800 discount! I haven't received it yet. I'm replacing my two year old pixel 3. Do you think I'll be happy with this? I've been a pixel fan for three generations now. Please help!!

  83. Yharnam Iyhill
    Yharnam Iyhill

    Weird. I heard of hearing issues from S21 ultra. Going up to 44 c or 111 degrees f... Dave noticed the problem?

  84. TrailzRock

    Since google went to that back gesture with swiping from the edges, the curved display with a case that allows edge swiping, is the way to go. With a flat edge you get stickiness when swiping from the edge. I have the OnePlus 8 with curved edges and loving the back swiping from the edge. I agree, prior to the gesture navigation, curved edges were a gimmick 👍

  85. wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay

    I returned my S21 Ultra, too heavy, too thick, main camera lens not good, foggy display, camera compartment 1/4 of the entire back of the phone. I'm going for the S21 plus.

  86. Jon Keener
    Jon Keener

    It's not icrap, it is already a WIN!


    Dear (me), We confirmed order # for your customized Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB (Unlocked) and have started building it for delivery within five weeks. Look for an email with your shipment tracking number. We will reach out if there are any issues with your delivery. Your Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB (Unlocked) will ship in five weeks.

  88. uNiq prazZ
    uNiq prazZ

    You are just totally baised against samsung.

  89. Thomas Vail
    Thomas Vail

    Didn't even know you were from Toronto

  90. Danny

    toronto looks like a clean nyc

  91. Simon C.S.
    Simon C.S.

    It's good to see a different opinion on the cameras. I was under the impression that this was the best choice in terms of cameras for android. Makes me reconsider my interest.

  92. David Martrano
    David Martrano

    Hey Dave, replaced my weak 🔋pixel4. Charging at mid-day was driving me nuts? The 600 trade deal was much appreciated, so the S21+ set me back 384.00 😀 buck-a-roos. At this price, we'll no-brainer time! Sure some compromises were made, no charger, micro, ear buds. Well, at this price I can overlook them!

  93. Pratheepan AP
    Pratheepan AP

    Then u define what is special black and show some examples plz.

  94. Alain-Daniel Tankwa
    Alain-Daniel Tankwa

    You're very relatable

  95. Gabe

    I understand how a beautiful matte black phone doesn't appeal to a guy who has all his tech in cyan, but damn Dave. This thing is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

  96. Johan Gustafsson
    Johan Gustafsson

    If you like 120hz the screen compromise is a no brainer. You couldn't combine 1440p with 120hz on the S20 anyway!!

  97. Kereta Mania
    Kereta Mania

    I Trust Dave review. He is unbiased!

  98. chris cab
    chris cab
    2 hónapja

    heck no! screw glass! plastic alllll day. GLASS BREAKS

  99. Jose Martinez-La
    Jose Martinez-La
    2 hónapja

    how does this measure up to an Oneplus 8pro looking to upgrade or should i hold on to my 8pro

    1. namcicle

      for me, the OnePlus 8 Pro is still an awesome phone in 2021. I would wait a year or two until upgrading, but that's just me.

  100. JALC-x
    2 hónapja

    8:02 Come on man all you have to do is tap on the screen and adjust the exposure a little are we seriously gonna call the s21 camera worse because people don't know how to take pictures