The $350 POCO F3

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My review of the Pocophone F3 from Xiaomi. The best performance phone from Pocophone. Xiaomi is using this device as their global edition of the Redmi K40. With an excellent screen, Snapdragon 870 and coming in at $300-$350 this is an incredible well valued device.
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  1. Dave2D
    16 napja

    if you plan on getting a Poco F3, what phone are you replacing?

    1. R.A.S K
      R.A.S K
      14 napja

      Poco F1. I'm using this F1 since they lunch the product. And i think I'll using the Poco F1 for 2 more year. Cause still compatible with my current activities

    2. Rahil mithani
      Rahil mithani
      14 napja

      Nokia N73 🔥

    3. Dsan Pun
      Dsan Pun
      14 napja

      Samsung J7 💪

    4. Bendangmeren Ozukum
      Bendangmeren Ozukum
      14 napja

      Poco F1

    5. Yasin Faisal
      Yasin Faisal
      14 napja

      Honor play

  2. CocktailJail
    56 perccel

    using poco f1 since launch and downloaded google camera on it... it is legit a perfect smartphone and i have 0 problems with it up till now.

  3. Wang Rowan
    Wang Rowan
    4 órája

    The tacit blood proximally tumble because chronometer topologically precede barring a swanky secure. sassy, tenuous kangaroo

  4. Sudais Khan
    Sudais Khan
    4 órája

    2:07 anyone know the theme name?

  5. Bartosz
    7 órája

    S9 for F3 6/128, not sure if worth it or not :^

  6. LzG19Dice Andy
    LzG19Dice Andy
    8 órája

    Still using my Poco F1. 4th time changing its LCD's. Performance wise, Still kicking. Getting my Poco F3 in a few more weeks.

  7. Isaac
    8 órája

    waiiit a sec, is this redmi k40?

  8. Назар Естаев
    Назар Естаев
    9 órája

    What is the icon theme? Pleasr

  9. kanwer farrukh zia
    kanwer farrukh zia
    10 órája

    Hi D. What skin or launcher do you use in the phone it looks pretty clean

  10. Puneet Dembla
    Puneet Dembla
    12 órája

    i still have my poco f1 and it still beats all te midrangers out in the market.

  11. william wrack
    william wrack
    14 órája

    I would like to buy the poco F3 how can I purchase it for $350.

  12. william wrack
    william wrack
    14 órája

    How can I get the poco F3 delivered to me in the states

  13. Yut Green
    Yut Green
    15 órája

    How about poco M3 mi ?

  14. Namlas Q
    Namlas Q
    17 órája

    🤑 sexy Price Now I'm hesitant between Iphone se 2020 or Poco f3

  15. Hisham Kh
    Hisham Kh
    23 órája

    Need review for mi 11 lite ,,

  16. Ale Galo
    Ale Galo
    23 órája

    Poco f3 o mi 10t??

  17. DK

    Please start mentioning in the reviews if the phone is supported from GrapheneOS for the people that don't want to be tracked 24/7. Cheers. :)

  18. Miaow

    let's be honest. other than scanning qr codes, we're almost never gonna touch our cameras since we're all gonna be stuck in a pandemic for at least 5 more years

  19. saho tm
    saho tm

    Hey dave should get this phone or Realme X3 Superzoom, Am concerned about phone quality

  20. Francisco Lood
    Francisco Lood

    An honest guy.

  21. Symoon

    most basic intro ever :) i love it

  22. LandChit

    ughhh i would buy it until no sd card

  23. IGA

    Love the way Dave says "Poco"

  24. Aldous Joshua Espejo
    Aldous Joshua Espejo

    Any idea what theme dave2d is using @ 2:05

    1. Tanvir

      That's Flight icon pack not theme to be exactly

  25. Shaam Solanki
    Shaam Solanki
    2 napja

    I'm watching this video on my Poco f1

  26. JM Vita
    JM Vita
    2 napja

    What kind of Icon pack did you use in this video?

  27. Ahmad Naz
    Ahmad Naz
    2 napja

    #Dave2D, Kindly make a video on Poco X3 Pro too.

  28. I NH
    I NH
    2 napja

    Hey dave just wanna say thanks for the honest review on this device man!!

  29. Aditya Kumar Rout
    Aditya Kumar Rout
    2 napja

    what's the theme pack you've used on this one ?

  30. Mohomed Amar
    Mohomed Amar
    2 napja

    Dream 😢😓

  31. VasiliS
    2 napja

    I have to disagree on the CPU part. I can not see how a CPU can degrade in a span of 3 years. It all has to do with how much software you have installed on your phone, what runs constantly on the background and how good the software updates have been over the years. Therefore I'd say you'd have similar performance on the A52 5g and the Poco F3 after 3 years. I would personally choose the F3 because of the community support, but for someone that isn't into that kind of thing, I think the Samsung A52 is the better choice here.

  32. Drive 2
    Drive 2
    2 napja

    what is that theme you are using...looks clean

  33. victor tang
    victor tang
    2 napja

    Hi,Dave i'm ready to get one after watch you review,do you received the 5G signal on the Poco F3?

  34. Vivek Belvalkar
    Vivek Belvalkar
    3 napja

    I just realised one thing...If you constantly look into his eyes the entire will end up buying that thing for sure.

  35. lone wanderer
    lone wanderer
    3 napja

    Duno about updates im using the x3 nfc and still running Android 10 and the last security update was February

  36. Rohan Reloaded
    Rohan Reloaded
    3 napja

    Why would they remove headphone jack 😒

  37. raymond silva
    raymond silva
    3 napja

    I was deciding between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy A52 but this video completely persuaded me to get the Poco F3. Thanks Dave

  38. Slayn
    3 napja

    Wowww Dave play genshin nice 😎

  39. John Micah
    John Micah
    3 napja

    I cant find it in Amazzon

  40. Talha Sajjad
    Talha Sajjad
    3 napja

    Is it better than mi 10t?

    1. Kenn Honson X
      Kenn Honson X


  41. benzy blenaru
    benzy blenaru
    3 napja

    Poco f3 vs mi 11 ultra ? What is better

    1. Kenn Honson X
      Kenn Honson X

      mi 11 ultra

  42. Ankur Singhal
    Ankur Singhal
    3 napja

    Which $300 phone would have the best camera, especially in low-light ?

  43. Rosario Logan
    Rosario Logan
    3 napja

    What them he is using i also want anyone nae it plesese

  44. Rupture 435
    Rupture 435
    3 napja

    Anyone got a link for where I can buy this?

  45. Muhibbul Watan Pakistani
    Muhibbul Watan Pakistani
    4 napja

    I think I just open your videos to like them, buddy. Much love & keep up the excellent work mate. 🙌🙌🙌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  46. Muzaffar Hussain
    Muzaffar Hussain
    4 napja

    Truth has been spoken.RIP Samsung 🥲🥲🥲

  47. sergio mainenti
    sergio mainenti
    4 napja

    what you advices to me ...poco f3 or xiaomi mi10t pro ?

  48. Marson L
    Marson L
    4 napja

    I love the lets look into the future

  49. cazterk
    4 napja

    the xiaomi community is pretty good with custom roms glad you noticed

  50. RaY An Shrestha
    RaY An Shrestha
    4 napja

    Whoa genshin impact gameplay.

  51. ShmannLyrics
    4 napja

    what kind of theme did you use? It's really nice

  52. Ins0mnia365
    4 napja

    I've got an F1, now it feels right to update it to F3 :-)

  53. Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar
    4 napja

    I am using LG G7 with SD 845.. Its still fast and reliable..

  54. Raja Aliyan
    Raja Aliyan
    4 napja

    on gsmarena they say it has an aluminum frame

  55. TheMister Mann
    TheMister Mann
    4 napja

    Still using the Poco F1 and see no need to replace it yet! Still getting regular up-dates too!

  56. George Lo
    George Lo
    4 napja

    Had to buy Xiaomi 10 Pro needed the memory card for audio

  57. Harindra Cherukuri
    Harindra Cherukuri
    4 napja

    WHere can I get his sweatshirt? I want it

  58. BGeldz
    4 napja

    Headphone jacks and expandable memory *should* be on the "premium flagship stuff." It's ridiculous that these have generally become relegated to lower-cost phones. (And that despite that, this one contains neither.)

  59. Nirvy
    5 napja

    Poco f3 or Samsung a52?

  60. Sublime Fermion
    Sublime Fermion
    5 napja

    Wth. My Poco F1 has 256GB storage. I am not going to change to anything less!

  61. TheUjjwalarora
    5 napja

    Does it have Hi-res audio?

  62. Rohan Debbarma
    Rohan Debbarma
    5 napja

    OnePlus used to be flagship killer. Now it's Poco.

  63. MADN3SS
    5 napja

    NGL.. this guy makes sense ... I'm still happy with the poco f1

  64. darkside gaming
    darkside gaming
    5 napja

    This phone already killed asus rog 3

  65. Harsh godara
    Harsh godara
    5 napja

    I'm still using poco F1 and doing heavy gaming on my device. Gotta do bit of savings for my upgrade

  66. Avish 1
    Avish 1
    5 napja

    Genshin impact I see a man of culture as well

  67. Evin Ghiz Shaji
    Evin Ghiz Shaji
    5 napja

    POCO x2 here😍

  68. Abid Shaikh
    Abid Shaikh
    5 napja

    Can U look into Poco X3 pro.??

  69. Koos Eijck
    Koos Eijck
    5 napja

    Is it worth upgrading from a samsung s9? In quality of screen and camera to?

  70. Ashish Shah
    Ashish Shah
    5 napja

    Thats it, the true successor to my poco f1 is here . Now's my time to shine :D

    5 napja

    5:35 TRUE because of the SOC inside.. though you can improve the performance by tweaking with Custom rom and Gcam.. still highend chipset.. subscriber from philippines.. poco f1 user.. :)

  72. Mike
    5 napja

    he buys a phone instantly changes launcher and icons to....u know

    1. pmd TV
      pmd TV
      5 napja

      @Ali Hasan flight icons and nova launcher

    2. Ali Hasan
      Ali Hasan
      5 napja

      which launcher and icons are those?

  73. Yung Don
    Yung Don
    5 napja

    Every time I look up any kind of tech review, I always look for Dave2D’s channel. Crazy how I just realized I was even subscribed smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  74. felipe mendoza
    felipe mendoza
    5 napja

    98% your face and d forefinger, 1% d product, 1% captions and very rare screenshots

  75. Muhammad Xubair
    Muhammad Xubair
    5 napja

    interesting device, my question is the themes you use in the review please place a link one can use to get them

  76. fab q
    fab q
    5 napja

    Awesome video. When ever YOUR video pops up, i know its a video i can trust and feel comfortable. Great work.

  77. Chris johnson
    Chris johnson
    5 napja

    Dave!!!! Hello 👋

  78. Adriano Luz Rodrigues
    Adriano Luz Rodrigues
    5 napja

    Amazing review and the comparing with the A52 was a very good point, so we can see that thinking for a long period it's good to be with a good processor

  79. It will be better
    It will be better
    5 napja

    Sometimes I just watch dave2D's vids to calm my anxiety 🍵

    5 napja

    i never mis your video but you don't upload ragularly

  81. Mr. Brown
    Mr. Brown
    5 napja

    ASUS TUF A15 FA506QM, Ryzen 5800H + RTX 3060, cheap but powerful

  82. Gravity Skeptic
    Gravity Skeptic
    6 napja

    Good news. No huge price hike in the EU. The price here is €300~350. The difference with the price in the US can be explained by the VAT, which is ~20%.

  83. Crazy Computer- 疯狂的电脑
    Crazy Computer- 疯狂的电脑
    6 napja

    please tell me where can I buy poco/xiaomi phone in Canada..... now xiaomi not allow sell to north amarican.

  84. mansour farokhinezhad
    mansour farokhinezhad
    6 napja

    Yup watching this on my f1, most probably will get the f3.

  85. ali farooq
    ali farooq
    6 napja

    F3 has poor camera i mean extreamly poor camera

  86. Its _ PP _ Rockss
    Its _ PP _ Rockss
    6 napja

    Which launcher dave 2d is using??

  87. Nitin Kulthe
    Nitin Kulthe
    6 napja

    Watching this on my Poco f1 and I think it's real successor has come and it's time for me to get my device changed

  88. JojiSpoon
    6 napja

    “Battery life is about 6 to 6 and a half hours, it’s not amazing but it’s good” Nigga I’m out here with my old ass iPhone SE getting 1 Hour battery life 1.5 hours 😂😭🥲, I’d kill for that kinda battery life

  89. ROAR
    6 napja

    Im watching this video in poco f1 which is about 2 1/2 years old and is still pretty good

  90. Jp Frias
    Jp Frias
    6 napja

    We await for Legion 5 pro review🥺

  91. Nitesh Khatri
    Nitesh Khatri
    6 napja

    No headphone jack 😞

  92. Irrational Gravity
    Irrational Gravity
    6 napja

    Hey Dave, been watching you Back to school vids for a new laptop in 2021.. Could you pleaaaaaaaaase make a video ?

  93. Ravish Joshi
    Ravish Joshi
    6 napja

    GSM arena says the frame is aluminium. Is there any way to confirm?

  94. Hroen Al
    Hroen Al
    6 napja

    yes I still use the legendary poco f1 still fast for daily use still good for pubg mobile still enough for me but I want to change this f1 to the f3 when available in my country

  95. Ahmar Iqbal
    Ahmar Iqbal
    7 napja

    Should i replace this with my Mi 10t? Not pro

    1. Kenn Honson X
      Kenn Honson X
      2 napja

      If camera is important to u, then no. But the F3 is better in any other way

  96. A A
    A A
    7 napja

    I have an OnePlus One and it still works okay

  97. Gentus72
    7 napja

    can you do a review on the msi leopard gp66 with the RTX 3070 mobile? Im thinking about buying one, but there's only reviews from people that don't cover the topics id like them to

  98. Haris Ishtiaq
    Haris Ishtiaq
    7 napja

    launcher ?

  99. Alex Hales
    Alex Hales
    7 napja

    Which launcher or theme you apply in every phone ...the phone app icon are different & looking awesome.. please tell me the name...

  100. Al Ray
    Al Ray
    7 napja

    Hey Dave, do you know where I could pick one of these up?