The Best Laptops - 2020 Picks!

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The Best gaming laptops and performance laptops from this year.
My favs: / /
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  1. Dave2D
    3 hónapja

    i think this is longest video i've ever uploaded. What are your fav laptops this year??

      6 napja

      Hello getting an Alienware m17 r4 cool for gaming???????????

      6 napja

      Hello Dave getting an Alienware m17 r4 cool for gaming??????????????

    3. kingibbyyyyy
      14 napja

      Bought razar blade pro 17 had to send back on 2nd day...cuz of alot of issues now Iam stuck cuz I loved looks on it...can u suggest amd7 powerful laptop nice looking like razor ??? Ty

    4. --
      16 napja

      Currently using a ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE GX551QS-XS99. Should check it out! :)

    5. Game Master
      Game Master
      16 napja

      Acer predator helios 300 is my favourite.

  2. madcapper6
    23 órája

    Battle of 4800h/2060 laptops between the Omen 15, the RP-15 and the Legion 5, I found it interesting you put the Omen and the RP-15 in S tier and the Legion 5 in A tier. Obviously that tells me that configuration offered the best price/performance ratio. What was it though about the Legion 5 to make it the only one out of the three you left off of S tier?

  3. Oliver Yasay
    Oliver Yasay

    hi Dave, where would you place the strix scar 15? im buying it next week. i am going for last year models, because the 2020's price drops here in my country.

  4. ObiShinobi

    Your list was pretty good, but I'd keep in mind, something like the legion 5 could be many people's (and my) first pick because it's running 2060 for around 1000 bucks, good 1000 laptop value there and incredible cpu

  5. Osama Mas
    Osama Mas

    Dave placing my tuf 15 in D tier was a surprise. I have the rtx 2060/ ryzen 7 4800h version, and I think this thing is a beast, especially the 90w battery. I would place it at least in B tier ✋

  6. omachi

    Poor A15, had to went down so low. I think thats a bit rough considering the performance and pricing values makes up for it.

  7. 089Stargazer

    How is HP Omen 15 2020 an S tier, while Legion 5 have better gaming performance is an A tier?

  8. hamza syed
    hamza syed
    2 napja

    Please review the huawei matebook 14 with editing and gaming

  9. Andy Sledge
    Andy Sledge
    2 napja

    My S tier would be the AMD Lenovo 5, because it doesnt embarrasses you when your do something in public or in school and performs well with good cooling and build quality. Dont understand why the Omen is above just because they improved their Thermal Design

  10. ba nax
    ba nax
    4 napja

    what is the exact model of the omen? some have 60hz and others have 144hz

  11. Nghia Tran
    Nghia Tran
    4 napja

    I just realized that Dave Gmaing laptops collection alone is more than what I make in a year😭

    1. Tom Stevens
      Tom Stevens
      3 napja

      Then...... get a better job? Duh.

  12. Ronnie Ketchum
    Ronnie Ketchum
    4 napja

    Every single word of his is as clean as glass.. there is no funny bgm... That's why the channel feels premium

  13. Sheogorath
    4 napja

    Every single msi laptop I've bought has been a lemon for me, heat heat heat ;-;

  14. Melissa McSweeney
    Melissa McSweeney
    6 napja

    Which one of those laptops would you recommend for games like Planet Zoo/Coaster, The Sims etc Especially with high levels of guests in parks & lots of mods added etc.

  15. Arif Azizan
    Arif Azizan
    6 napja

    10:22 im not alienware but i feel it made me cry 😢

  16. M C
    M C
    7 napja

    I have the tuf15, I can confirm. It’s SHIT

  17. Quinn Lin
    Quinn Lin
    7 napja

    Just got the ROG Zephyrus G14 with Ryzen 9 and RTX 2090 for $1,100 on Ebay (Open Box) Upgraded from the ROG Zephyrus GA502 with Ryzen 7 and GTX1660Ti (got it for $800 one year ago) Overall I think I've just lucked out on pricing and finding steals >w

  18. SolarSophie
    9 napja

    I use a dell Inspiron 15 3501. I got it for around 700 usd (691) and it’s been really good. I got a 8gb of ram and 256gb of ssd storage. It’s been really great for a student like me and I think it was a really good buy :)

  19. shockushu
    10 napja

    watching this after ordering the Omen 15, Ryzen7, RTX 2060 :)

  20. Julyanne
    10 napja

    Im planning to buy laptop this month. I will trust you.

  21. A Very Gay Butterfly
    A Very Gay Butterfly
    11 napja

    Only disagree with Legion 7i being low

  22. rcl rcs
    rcl rcs
    11 napja

    What's the mouse name

  23. Rob Vel
    Rob Vel
    12 napja

    “I don’t want to waste your time” Immediate sub

  24. GEARS226
    12 napja

    Acer nitro red and ugly 😂 but is it good lol I don't care if it's red

  25. thedetector077
    13 napja

    Best laptop price/quality ratio?

  26. Doctor Han
    Doctor Han
    13 napja

    I kinda like that video style .. kinda like geeking out with a friend over top 10 anime characters

  27. Harry Cruz
    Harry Cruz
    13 napja

    how abuot helios 700?

  28. Русик Пех
    Русик Пех
    13 napja

    What is 5:07?

  29. Owen Chua
    Owen Chua
    14 napja

    I was having 2nd thougts of the GS66 when i bought it but after i watched this and saw its A tier im satisfied

  30. Mondi Pedragosa
    Mondi Pedragosa
    14 napja

    Helios 300 should still be at S for me.

  31. Ludovico
    15 napja

    Loved the video!!! But can you add subtitles for the name of each laptop you're describing? I'm not an expert in terms of laptops but I really want to learn, and that would help me very much :D

  32. armand azharan
    armand azharan
    16 napja

    Thanks man, it really helps!

  33. N J G
    N J G
    16 napja

    RP15 > G14 for gaming and streaming (I may possibly game and stream simultaneously on the laptop itself, but most likely using an Elgato HD60s and an Xbox SX)???

  34. tahmeedma Abid
    tahmeedma Abid
    16 napja

    Hey what's the best gaming laptop under 1200 dollars

  35. 《SEAROX》
    16 napja

    0:10 hearing the Word "gaming laptop" 0:15 seeing a macbook 0:20 throwing my self out of the window

  36. Aru Maakadalamudhan.T
    Aru Maakadalamudhan.T
    16 napja

    Me: What laptop makers should learn from Dave2D is Intel : What ? 🤔 Dave : Better thermals, Lower price and Everybody wins! Intel : WoW 😮 Dave : And except intel. Intel : But Why.. 🤷🏻 Me : The reason you know 😉

  37. Aru Maakadalamudhan.T
    Aru Maakadalamudhan.T
    16 napja

    One of the few reviewers who cares for viewers money and product satisfaction! ☑️ Love Dave2D ❤️

  38. Cielo S Games
    Cielo S Games
    19 napja

    So omen is better than legion? K then tell me shd I got with omen i7 or omen r7

  39. Matrix Gaming
    Matrix Gaming
    21 napja

    Y is legion A and hp omen S Where legion is more powerful than hp with same configuration

  40. Dorime. Idol
    Dorime. Idol
    21 napja

    I just need a laptop for assignments, normal university work, nothing fancy so which laptop is best for me to buy (my budget is $1200 max) ?

  41. Bon Bui
    Bon Bui
    21 napja

    My budget is around $1600. I'm hesitant between g14 3060 and 2070 max-Q, or other laptops like omen or legion 5. I am not sure if the new g14 uses a real 3060 or 3060 laptop gpu because they say it’s about 110w. I researched significantly on g14, and barely know about the others. Can I have an advice? I play most of the AAA games on Stadia, but I still think having a high video card is better off in the future. I intend to keep it for 5 years. Thank you

  42. Ravi Peiris
    Ravi Peiris
    22 napja

    Dave, can you be sure to keep linking the spreadsheet in each of your videos moving forward so that viewers have ready access to how the spreadsheet information is developing? Also, creating a video like this every 3 months makes sense instead of once a year. Thank you, Ravi Peiris M.D.

  43. Ravi Peiris
    Ravi Peiris
    22 napja

    Dave, I'm a 51 year old, healthcare professional making $50K USD per month and like I did in my college days, I always look for value. This video was very exciting for me because at a glance, your tier system encapsulated what type of gaming laptop I might further research and purchase. I appreciate the time you take to review each unit as you are a master of your craft, something seriously lacking in healthcare right now - but that's a story for another time. Be well, Ravi Peiris M.D.

  44. prodmakai
    22 napja

    i wish the alien ware laptops were better they look so good

  45. MHGaming Hero
    MHGaming Hero
    22 napja

    Struggling in choosing between Helios 300 (I7 10th gen) and Legion 5 (Ryzen7 4800H) -_-

  46. Weeb O
    Weeb O
    23 napja

    you look like lou diamond philips. you should try wearing a cowboy hat sometime.

  47. Mustin Lin
    Mustin Lin
    23 napja

    oh i really like nitro 5 cuz i own one

  48. Wilson Jose Soto De Leon
    Wilson Jose Soto De Leon
    24 napja

    I’m the only one who felt proud of the OMEN 15 ? 😂😂

  49. ALBAN T.
    ALBAN T.
    24 napja

    Asus Tuf Gaming poor performance?? Are you sick?

  50. Pure Soul
    Pure Soul
    25 napja

    Hello @Dave2D I hope you or any of your followers will help me. I would like to buy a new laptop. I'm a graduate student, so it will be mainly for school work. I want one that lasts for a long time and is quick in working. I have a budget of around $800 for it. I have read that Thinkpad laptop would be a good choice. What do you think? I need recommendations with links, please. I'm tired of searching. Thank you!!!

  51. Jiangxi Brilliant Technology
    Jiangxi Brilliant Technology
    26 napja

    1. Jiangxi Brilliant Technology
      Jiangxi Brilliant Technology
      26 napja

      Hard shell waterproof laptop backpack for everyone!

  52. Lynsey Lobo
    Lynsey Lobo
    27 napja

    yay, omen.

  53. Borislav Alexandrov
    Borislav Alexandrov
    27 napja

    Would you be so kind to give me advice for a laptop that will be able to run photoshop cc 2020 and recording without slowing down?

  54. anetteaa a
    anetteaa a
    27 napja

    Hello! I’m a high school student and looking for a laptop that I can use for video editing, drawing, and a lot more tasks. Also a laptop that’s under $700. Thank you!

  55. Aleksandar Paskov
    Aleksandar Paskov
    28 napja

    Hey Dave, what gaming laptop can you recommend, my budget is 1K. :)

  56. Chathuranga Kularathna
    Chathuranga Kularathna
    28 napja

    Dave2D how about gatway creator laptop....i didnt see review of that laptop

  57. mohd izz mohd yacob
    mohd izz mohd yacob
    28 napja

    I see Zephyrus G14 I click

  58. Brad Hoyt
    Brad Hoyt
    29 napja

    Dave 2D - G14 - Best laptop of the year! Me: Purchased the G14 Me: Outperforms other massive gaming laptops, 9+ hours of non-gaming battery life. Silent mode goes totally quiet which makes it great for studio audio recording. Solid build quality. Great keyboard and mouse pad. NOT a fingerprint magnet... Excellent. Best laptop purchase ever. :)

  59. Chess Vibes
    Chess Vibes

    I’m not sure how but your videos are precise ! To the point ..... Even thought this was a 21 min videos..... I never felt tired or kept tapping on the right side of my screen U the best Dave

  60. Chess Vibes
    Chess Vibes

    Dude what about the m1 MacBook air

  61. Chess Vibes
    Chess Vibes

    Wow .... everybody hates intel .....

  62. Kevin Paterson
    Kevin Paterson

    Ultimate buying guide

  63. Video Zone
    Video Zone

    You didn’t tell about the XPS 13 and hp spectre x360

  64. micinca

    Hey David, thanks for your amazing video, I'm looking for a daily use laptop, found dell 15 5000 for a reasonable price, I don't play games, but lots of picture and videos, Is it good to go or any better choice in the same range? thanks a lot!

  65. Illia Slipchenko
    Illia Slipchenko

    I'd put Legion 5 (Ryzen version) in the S Tier and AERO15 as low as a C/D. Owned both so can definitely say that Legion deserves higher highs and Aero just stinks because of the cooling system issues.

  66. Stan Chacon
    Stan Chacon

    I was looking for an Asus ROG of 8 cores amd it cost around 1.5k was the 1 or 2 place in many reviews, but since you mentioned a new gen coming out I think ill wait, anybody knows when the new stuff is going to drop btw?

  67. AbdElAziz Bou
    AbdElAziz Bou

    damn whats the watch u wearing

  68. Sky Line
    Sky Line

    Mmm where is Microsoft Surface 👀

  69. cousin quips
    cousin quips

    What model is the omen 15?

  70. seantherobonaut

    I'd argue the legion 5 gaming laptop belongs in the S tier because it has amazing thermals, has a great screen option 144Hz IPS (100% sRGB) 300 nits, lenovo's amazing keyboard, and if you get the 4600h chip (instead of the more power hungry 4800h) combined with an 80 whr battery(purchase separately), you can have a gaming laptop you can use for school that can last up to 10 hours with screen brigthness at 50% and background apps disabled. Also, I had a really bad experience with MSI's GS66 in terms of thermals and fan noise. That thing would reach 95C just playing destiny 2 on high settings and the housing was hot to the touch. Their screen was nice and the dragon center was "ok", but sometimes the keyboard lighting would glitch out and the control center could not alter it without a couple system restarts. It should be in the C or even D tier. Edit: Also, selecting the legion 5 with a 4600h cpu, you can get an RTX 2060 max-p that is allowed to take 115 watts which will put it on equal ground (and some times better) than the RTX 2070 max-q (80 watt). To me, that is amazing for only a $75 increase from the GTX 1660Ti to the RTX 2060 max-p. Also, this laptop allows you to use g-sync from a range of 60-144Hz so when games become more demanding you can manually configure your screen to go down to 120Hz so your games won't stutter by trying to reach 144Hz. There is also an option to disable optimus to improve performance even more. Due to it's superior thermals and the configuration I'm citing, I'd argue this laptop is the best out of all of them.

    1. seantherobonaut
      20 napja

      @Winter Melon I ordered mine on the 15th, I'm so damn excited. It says I'll ship on the 31st and I should have it by the 7th of next month.

    2. Winter Melon
      Winter Melon
      20 napja

      @seantherobonaut I checked it myself, 8 CPU lanes are more than enough for RTX 2060 max-p. You only need 16 lanes when your GPU is RTX 2070 (PC version) and above.

    3. seantherobonaut
      20 napja

      @Winter Melon not sure, if it does I'm really only concerned with game performance and I've heard the 4600h can keep up with the rtx 2060 max-p easily

    4. Winter Melon
      Winter Melon
      22 napja

      What about the CPU supporting only 8 lanes? Can that maybe bottleneck the performance?

  71. Jonathan Park
    Jonathan Park

    I think I will buy ROG Zephyrus G15 or ROG Zephyrus G14. Which one should I buy?

  72. Keanu

    God I wish I could afford a gaming laptop. My current 300 dollar laptop can barely run revit, but it gets the job done.

    1. Keanu

      @Nylrak Well rn an Acer Swift 3, it's a little upgrade from the one I have rn, I have a hp 14 notebook. It's fine but it's running out of memory and some of my Arch softwares run choppy but I can tolerate it till I upgrade.

    2. Nylrak

      @Keanu I see bro, what laptop are you aiming to get?

    3. Keanu

      @Nylrak I am I could buy one rn but I'd be completely broke. So I think by next year hopefully I get get at least a decent laptop.

    4. Nylrak

      Keep saving, I have been saving up for the past 5 months and I'm finally able to afford a gaming laptop! It's going to arrive in 2 or 3 days :)

  73. itdoesntmatter

    No zenbook pro duo?

  74. Rolandas3K

    Hi Dave. I would tend to disagree with your clasification on some laptops how you grade them. I guess imho the correct clasification should be laptops capabilities vs each other, diesnt matter is it light upgrade or totally new. To add - incl build quality, reliability, etc. I have heard xps has a lot of issues related to build quality. And now i sed u put it to S tier, meaning you reccomend to purchase. While i dont think it to be a good purchase. Or i am missing something here?

  75. Mitch Marzin
    Mitch Marzin

    Am I missing something? No Asus Zenbook made this discussion? Nothing new from them in 2020?

  76. Sammy S
    Sammy S

    hey dave, please do a review for Asus rog strix g15 i510300h, 1650ti glacier blue if possible....

  77. T. Taylor
    T. Taylor

    What the Heck did i just watch!!

  78. - KanTin
    - KanTin


  79. Brandon Colon
    Brandon Colon

    Thank you

  80. Christopher Pan
    Christopher Pan

    Dave! Not sure if this was more of a for-fun video, but I really appreciate it! Great way to summarize key aspects from each device and solidifies their relative value amongst so many models available to customers. Thanks!

  81. Devin Singh
    Devin Singh

    15:11 this man can tell the future

  82. Eddy hernandes
    Eddy hernandes

    Video is tripping at 5:08

  83. Karim

    Hey man where is Acer predator triton300 u give him so low rate what ???? plz reply me i need your advice .Is triton 300 with 240 hz and i⁷ 10th gen.Is that bad not to put on your list

  84. l l
    l l

    What's is the best laptop.

  85. Fady Saliba
    Fady Saliba

    Man... you really hate intel!!!

  86. Parth Gaur
    Parth Gaur

    My S laptop is ROG striX G15 in budget gaming laptops because good performance and the best and the best RGB looks it's amazing

  87. Kells G
    Kells G

    Seems like I am going to upgrade my msi gtx965 to another msi...

  88. Ralf schmidt der echte
    Ralf schmidt der echte

    Is this a good deal Legion 5 RTX 2060, AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H,144hz, 347nits, 17 inch, 16gb ram for 1.099,00 euro

  89. Chris johnson
    Chris johnson

    You throttle hard and Your a A tier to me Dave 👍

  90. Amit Chopra
    Amit Chopra

    The intelligent cougar substantively ask because brake ironically scare upon a depressed pansy. wealthy, spiritual science

  91. Ravi Pappu
    Ravi Pappu

    What does S mean, The S Tier? So, Its above the A Tier

    1. Mahira Mahzabeen
      Mahira Mahzabeen


  92. Yes No
    Yes No

    oh my god its already march

  93. Zxrc

    Bought the Asus TUF F15 FX506LI. Is it actually that bad?

  94. bong kem
    bong kem

    G14 it is then, i'll wait until next gen comes and get this year's gen for cheap ;))))

  95. The Sher Gaming
    The Sher Gaming

    Which lap will you prefer for the gaming and high end company work

  96. Saahil Sofat
    Saahil Sofat

    I like your watch. Which one is it ?

  97. mohsen doraghi
    mohsen doraghi

    I thought owning a laptop makes you happy, now I know even 68 won't.

  98. Hesam Shafienya
    Hesam Shafienya

    I'm considering buying Legion 5i because this model available in my country and i will use this machine for machine learning after all the research I have done.

  99. Jay Velasquez
    Jay Velasquez

    Wait, no MSI?

  100. Parth Pratim
    Parth Pratim

    Guys would it be wise to upgrade an old laptop with i5-5200 with ssd and ram in 2021, for general office use involving word and excel docs and occasional content watching?? Just putting it out there