The MacBook Is Getting Too Good.

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Apple M1 MacBooks are making Windows ultrabooks like the XPS 13, Razer Book, LG Gram, Lenovo X1 harder to recommend
The uncomfortably right choice -
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  1. Hyper Fluxx
    Hyper Fluxx
    7 órája

    6:46 The way you say APPLE GAMING makes me laugh so hard. 🤣🤣

  2. AS
    9 órája

    I needed this exact tech nerd who acts like my friend , one more plus , reviewing as different perspectives like of a windows user , maybe do linux too , your too good to be ignored

  3. 技術学生
    11 órája

    Nobody does competitive gaming on laptops but for casual gaming m1 macbook works fine, you can use "parallels" to play windows games as well and they work fine and with m2 or m1x it will only improve with mini led and graphics power so macbook can be considered gaming laptop now..

  4. Ax El
    Ax El

    Macbook airs went from terrible value to excellent in one year span in terms of performance and battery ratio

  5. Ronald Weidner
    Ronald Weidner

    I got the M1 macbook pro. Yikes no windows machine can compete with this for video editing.

  6. Leikkaus

    The flexibility Windows offers over iOS just can't make me have an interest in MacBook but glad to see Apple is finally producing great products at a great price.

  7. Hardik Sahu
    Hardik Sahu

    The only reason I will not buy this Mac is due to the ssd problem

  8. 2011Kestrel

    In the two decades I’ve been using computers, I’ve had RAM failures, hard drive failures, and power failures (both power supplies and batteries). As much as I like Apple’s products, I will NOT buy a product where I cannot repair, replace or upgrade some basic components myself or have it done in a reasonable amount of time.

  9. Sanu
    2 napja

    We don't choose windows...our wallet does

  10. Melendez Jonas
    Melendez Jonas
    2 napja

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  11. Taseen Sabir
    Taseen Sabir
    3 napja

    6:40 lmao

    1. One Drifty Boy
      One Drifty Boy

      Apple? Gaming? *nose runching* no. the little "no" at the end is so clear and perfect, minimalistic xd

  12. daniel pennybaker
    daniel pennybaker
    3 napja

    I am a so called “Apple Fan Boy” but I cannot stand MacOS. I bought one, the M1 Air, and I tried my hardest to love it. I couldn’t stand it. Maybe it’s because I have been using Windows all of my life.

  13. sanjeev dandin
    sanjeev dandin
    4 napja

    "Apple? Gaming? gggtthtt", more than enough for me to stay with windows. XD.

  14. Joeri Van den Eynden
    Joeri Van den Eynden
    4 napja

    How does it hold up when running x86 software that hasn't been ported though?

  15. gelloyangster yang
    gelloyangster yang
    4 napja

    i bought the early 2020 macbook air i5 ... the M1 came out two weeks later...

  16. rayanbest467
    5 napja

    People are switching to mac because microsoft refuses to make a new OS so they switch to mac because there is new os

  17. anosxmy
    5 napja

    but who even buys a mackbook for gaming bruh

  18. F.O. Bob
    F.O. Bob
    5 napja

    My M1 MacBook Air can run X-Plane 11 at medium setting and still get around 40 FPS. No stutter and the device gets slightly warm but never hot. Game changer.

  19. Nohara
    5 napja

    Hello i dont know if you will read this comment but i want to say you're very articulate, i admirate that, where you like that since childhood or you worked for it? If you did what did you do? Take care my man!

  20. Metehan Kapı
    Metehan Kapı
    6 napja

    Had been using windows for seven years, just ordered a macbook air today. Raw compute power and the no-fuss approach to the OS is exactly what I need from a work laptop right now. Giving my 1080p xps13 to my mom and I dont think im gonna miss it

  21. Truckin Hard
    Truckin Hard
    6 napja

    Im looking to get a computer but confused on whats the best? Im gonna be editing videos for HUfrom and managing a website mostly. Any help anyone? TIA

  22. Ash Duk
    Ash Duk
    6 napja

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  23. worldwidehappiness
    6 napja

    Is it hard to learn the Mac OS?

  24. voeghaunne
    7 napja

    Good point!

  25. Rabbit Lucky
    Rabbit Lucky
    7 napja


  26. Saeva_Rishav
    7 napja

    No Dave, Don't Loose Hope.

  27. Frankie Lim
    Frankie Lim
    7 napja

    I got macbook pro go to watch it

  28. GopearVery Kashnonbjh
    GopearVery Kashnonbjh
    7 napja

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  29. Oxmon
    7 napja

    I was thinking of getting a M1 device but a lot of software we use in scientific research do not work on MacOS, needless to say on ARM. And, you could tell, "dude, use a VM". Yep, but the VM are not working yet.

  30. Andrew
    8 napja

    Sorry but you’re wrong. You’re not considering Linux OS

  31. oqeufh
    8 napja

    My Macbook Air is a fairly recent one (not M1 but an intel 2020 one) and I am already looking forward to the next Macbook I'll get. From the rumours that I am seeing they seem like they'll only get better. Before this one I had a 2012 Macbook Pro and some of the things that I prefer from this model over the newer one I have is magsafe and the amount of ports it has. If for the next Macbook lineup they're adding again magsafe and more ports alongside with the excellent performance of the M1 then I just see this as an absolute win for Apple.

  32. Chi Hang Wai
    Chi Hang Wai
    8 napja

    if macbook can run windows flawlessly, then windows laptop are done waiting for my future dual boot macbook

  33. Nappy Boy
    Nappy Boy
    8 napja

    Microsoft is working on their own silicon and there's Windows 10X, so I wouldn't count them out yet

  34. Hanks Xuzus
    Hanks Xuzus
    8 napja

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  35. Devina London
    Devina London
    8 napja

    After thinking about buying a Zenbook 14, I bought a Macbook Air instead. 13 hours of battery life doing multitasking, at a minimum (I even got bored testing it), it's just a dream come true. I just hope it won't have any issues with the components just like its predecessors. And I still hate macOS paradigm until now, but it's not really a dealbreaker.

  36. Junior
    8 napja

    I love my Mac.

  37. Ian Mak
    Ian Mak
    9 napja

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  38. Jeremy K
    Jeremy K
    10 napja


  39. Matthias H
    Matthias H
    10 napja

    Very reliable computers. I bought my MacBook back in 2012, was skeptical at first as i haven't used an Apple computer before and i bought it because it was ranked #1 at the time. I still use it as of 2021, it has outlived the two windows laptops i had prior combined. No performance reduction. Having 1500 charge cycles the battery is no longer as good as it was and is currently on "replace soon" status, but still acceptable for my use.

  40. Mehdi Rossafi
    Mehdi Rossafi
    11 napja

    Apple gaming brrrr.... :D, and it ends here

  41. Mithu Mirza
    Mithu Mirza
    11 napja

    I was almost convinced to buy Surface Laptop 3. Thanks to the review I've changed my mind. I'm buying a M1 Air for my school.

  42. Patrick Kasteel
    Patrick Kasteel
    11 napja

    Why do you refer to a Windows Laptop? There is no such thing as a Windows Laptop. Even the Microsoft Surface Laptop is not a Windows Laptop. Rather call it a general purpose Laptop.

    1. Patrick Kasteel
      Patrick Kasteel
      10 napja

      @Dave2D I can run Linux on it! Does it make it all of a sudden a Linux Laptop? I can even Hackingtosh it... does makes it a Apple Mac? Hell I can even install BSD, Haiku, ReactOS or Android X86 but it still doesn't change the fact that it is a general purpose laptop that will allow you to run pretty much any OS there is. Sorry but insinuating that something runs Microsoft Windows doesn't make it a Windows Laptop no matter how much you would like that to be true. There is Simply no such thing as a Windows Laptop or Desktop. An Apple Macbook is not a MacOS laptop but an Apple because it is made by Apple and therefor a Apple computer that can also (if not an M1 processor at this point) run Windows. If I put MS Windows on my Apple Macbook does it make it all of a sudden a Windows computer? Of course not! it stays an Apple Mac. Your reasoning on this matter is flawed... btw my go to computer is a Desktop computer that runs Windows as it has the tools that suit best me as a developer though I have a Macbook and a general purpose laptop loaded with Ubuntu so I have no real preference over the products I use and it is all based on the tools available for my work. That last should be the only criteria when buying a computer... which is best suited for the task at hand and that funny enough that comes down to choosing between red apples or green apples.

    2. Dave2D
      10 napja

      Huh?? A laptop that runs windows.... that’s a windows laptop bud

  43. Kent Camacho
    Kent Camacho
    11 napja

    Sir Dave2D can you make a review about a rising brand of laptop here in the Philippines and is currently the top popular laptop. It is called Mechanike. Thank you!!

  44. Andrew Ramirez
    Andrew Ramirez
    11 napja

    Would ya'll suggest to get a MB M1 even when having an android?

  45. aashish sharma
    aashish sharma
    11 napja

    Can you do a real world test of M1 vs i5 vs i7

  46. Ed Rin
    Ed Rin
    11 napja

    You had me there at apple gaming

  47. tbonico
    11 napja

    Apple hardware are more and more like phones nowdays, they're fast because all is integrated in the same chip but you cant grow with them if you want more storage or more ram you need to replace the whole thing and i think thats the wrong way for us as a consumers and for the planet, there's an ethical concern there and i hope you can talk about that matter too. Love your channel by the way!

  48. bloodspilla55
    11 napja


  49. Brian Naing
    Brian Naing
    12 napja

    Looking for a laptop that can handle high video editing and 3d modeling motion graphics, im debating on a macbook or a gaming laptop . Any recommendations?

  50. Jack Powell
    Jack Powell
    12 napja

    The M1 is mindblowing and i use mac for work but as a cloud sysadmin its bottom of the pile compared to linux or windows. Especially now that windows has a full linux kernel. Still.. nothing else as a laptop is going to give a work day worth of real charge. thankfully apple push devs to compile for ARM benefits microsoft too. And ultimately the move away from x86 hurts intel the most.

  51. Cameron Savage
    Cameron Savage
    12 napja

    The M1 chips have made it impossible to think MacBooks are not the best value laptop now.

  52. Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez
    12 napja

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  53. Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez
    12 napja

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  54. Gustav Granath
    Gustav Granath
    12 napja

    For that price you'd expect it to be able to run games, which it cant so I wouldn't call it "too good"

  55. DaNarrator
    12 napja

    As A Former Apple And Microsoft Employee... Surface Pro X Did ARM First...Apple Did It Better. And Now Apple Has Leaped Beyond Anything Anyone Else Has Ever Done!

  56. TOES
    12 napja

    I don't have the guts to call a laptop eith no USB ports whatsoever in this day and age

  57. Rohith Kanna Duraiswamy
    Rohith Kanna Duraiswamy
    12 napja

    Louis Rossman disagrees

  58. Jasper Ecb
    Jasper Ecb
    12 napja

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  59. Christmas Is Awesome
    Christmas Is Awesome
    12 napja

    Alright Alright. But should I get this or The pro 13 with m1? No hard video editting. Just need it for work. Is the 13's extra weight and size more troublesome? Looking to trade it in for the future m1x chip equipped model in the future. Money isn't a big factor. Recommendation please.

  60. Andrew Masters
    Andrew Masters
    12 napja

    Louis Rossman would disagree.

  61. MI7
    12 napja

    im so pissed i got this air one month before the m1 macs came out lol.

  62. Usman Khan
    Usman Khan
    13 napja

    I’ve been using Windows my whole life. I just recently bought a M1 MacBook pro and I am speechless. The reliability and efficiency is immense. Sure there are a few things to get used to which will come with time but even so, I’m always so excited to use my MacBook

  63. Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort
    13 napja

    Okay so what do you recommend for someone that literally needs to use windows because programs for school only run on windows

  64. Kaizen Action
    Kaizen Action
    13 napja

    In the world soo many law suits on apple . They purposefully didn't fix the keyboard so that customers have 2 choices either go to apple store to fix it and they charge a lot of money . Or Buy a new laptop . Slowing down old iphones just to get more money . Dave Lee-> I am not biased nor i love any brand . I speak the truth. Again Dave Lee -> "Oh my god apple is perfect . Macbook is getting too good " . Checks his phone and money received from Apple . Next video tag line will be => " Apple i hate you for being so perfect "

  65. vivek p
    vivek p
    13 napja

    I'm a Windows user because Apple is too fucking expensive.

  66. Olsoney
    13 napja

    You made a joke about apple gaming. My GF is actively playing Sims 4 on high-settings and this thing is not even getting loud or hot. So yeah, Shooters maybe/no, casual gaming all the way

  67. Umer Javed 1978018
    Umer Javed 1978018
    13 napja

    I'm confused between hp envy x360 (BD 0023) intel core i7 11th gen with 8GB ram and 512GB SSD or the macbook air m1. Really need suggestions!

  68. Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson
    13 napja

    I've recently got my hands on a MacBook Air 13" A1466 with a Linux install and I love the thing, it's older but boy that screen for an 8 year old device? Lovely. The keyboard needs to be replaced cause of two buttons that don't work, but the keyboard hardly ever misses and the battery has a dead pack but the other three seem to be fine. As a PC person the Mac hardware really impresses me over a not Mac laptop from the same year.

  69. s c
    s c
    13 napja

    agreed, i finally bought my first mac this year. The price is right, and the perf/battery is great. I got the pro if i could do over i'd get the air that touch bar sucks, just add heat conductive pad perf is the same. I thought the sound would be worth it since it is suppose to be better. I could care less about touch or bezels on any of these but that's me i hate finger prints. the m1 isn't hype. First mac i could justify buying. trust msft echo system will improve fast. Prediction 6 months to a year they'll be fully competitive. A lot of this is manufacturing process.

  70. Richard _
    Richard _
    13 napja

    TLDR: Buy Apple hardware, as it's the best bang for the buck.

  71. Divyasom Malhan
    Divyasom Malhan
    13 napja

    I really like your reviews and opinion. It would be even better if you could also capture Canadian dollar price in your videos. I hear $999 and immediately check out the Apple website to find that in Canada it costs $1,299. That's 30% difference.

  72. tntg5
    13 napja

    You didn't really tell us why though

  73. Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k
    13 napja

    Apple is not flexible for user

  74. Hamish
    13 napja

    I love my macbook

  75. Lord Splarsh
    Lord Splarsh
    13 napja

    please review the redmi 15 2021 edition

  76. Poop Sniffer
    Poop Sniffer
    14 napja

    anyone else always put this guy’s videos in 1.5X speed? 😂

  77. Shiv Raj
    Shiv Raj
    14 napja

    Best Review channel, totally unbiased

  78. 7ssein 3li
    7ssein 3li
    14 napja

    what about the Huawei matebook x line as a competitor to mackbooks and about ecosystem its a standard apple device and we should not compare it with the ecosystem in android and windows instead we should look to the customization appilty

  79. Robert Cruz
    Robert Cruz
    14 napja

    All the Negative Comments and Dislikes are from Windows Fan Boys that are butt hurt because the New M1 Laptops actually have superior OS and now Superior Hardware Thanks to the M1 Chip. Macs in my own experience last longer without problems than a Windows Laptop computer. The M1 Laptop is superior than most Laptops in the same price range. I'm not an apple fan boy, i use windows desktops too. But when it comes down to Laptops, we have to admit Apple did a great Job with this new M1 Chips.

  80. R D
    R D
    14 napja

    Looks dated you say? Even though the current MacBook Pro was designed 5 (or 6?) years ago, it's by far the sleekest with the highest quality materials in comparison to the other models you show.

  81. Jerald James Capao
    Jerald James Capao
    14 napja

    Been using this M1 Macbook Air for months now and not a single regret - very silent, very fast, battery-efficient! 😍

  82. marion817
    14 napja

    Honestly if they had the MBA M1 available here in my country with 16GB RAM I might have just jumped. Unfortunately with unfair pricing plus that availability issue (all M1 laptops here only come with 8GB) just turned me off. Third world problems lol.

    1. A A
      A A
      13 napja

      which country? can you order from apple website and customize?

  83. Derek Means
    Derek Means
    14 napja

    He will continue to be my favorite reviewer, you can see how uncomfortable it is to say that, as if there is this ethical unbiased code he believes that he shouldn't take sides

  84. TRYCE Sound
    TRYCE Sound
    14 napja


  85. That American
    That American
    14 napja

    Just so you KNow that any problem you have when it is out warranty they won't let anyone fix and their answer to fixing it is it costs the same as a new MAC. That's reason enough to never buy a new MAC again.. Good luck Apple Fanboys.

  86. Rithvik Reddy Thumma
    Rithvik Reddy Thumma
    14 napja

    I like that way he laughed and apple creators watching this let's a gaming laptop where we can laugh on him back

  87. Rahul Ray
    Rahul Ray
    14 napja

    Apple , Gaming...ahhhhhhhhgghhhghh

  88. qhk slz
    qhk slz
    14 napja

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  89. Chordsinger Sharma
    Chordsinger Sharma
    14 napja

    That smirk at 6:47 😂😂😂

  90. sunburst
    14 napja

    It's just too small. 13 inches is just way too small. 14 is the line for me so I bought a g14

  91. Hamnie
    14 napja

    Youre making me regret my recent purchase

  92. T. Jin
    T. Jin
    14 napja

    Ssd problem?

  93. Dita Permatasari Gtg
    Dita Permatasari Gtg
    14 napja

    i better save my money rather buying the new iPhone. I still use my macbook 2017. But after watching this review, i better save my money :)

  94. Jamie shrimp
    Jamie shrimp
    14 napja

    I don't think I ever will make the commitment to change to an Apple product, their ecosystem looks too deep and threatening, and too hard to switch back. Both work and school are Windows centered too.

  95. Top 10
    Top 10
    14 napja

    Lol does HUfromrs like Marquess, Dave and Mrwhostheboss makes us feel like we’re living in the past when they talk about products they’re using and has not been launched yet😓😭

  96. Ti Ti
    Ti Ti
    15 napja

    6:45 :)

  97. Rupak Sahu
    Rupak Sahu
    15 napja

    Love how your reviews are so to the point and unbiased. Total gold.

  98. Rob
    15 napja

    I´m 38 and a Windows user for 25 years. Got a MB Pro M1 from our company to test for 2 weeks and I was blown away so I ordered a 16GB MBP with 512GB myself and cant wait to get it on tuesday. As much as I like Windows Laptops and I will still continue to use them for work, it´s the first time in my life I will own a Mac and i Think it´s one of the smartest IT decisions I made in the last years.

    1. Rob
      14 napja

      @AndrewJV I need something I can use on the go and for my case the 13 inch is good enough

    2. AndrewJV
      14 napja

      you might regret this since the next 16 inch MBP will be coming out in the fall. current 16 inch still has the old intel chip. next 16 inch will have next gen M chip.

  99. Melendez Jonas
    Melendez Jonas
    15 napja

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  100. Eliel Duran
    Eliel Duran
    15 napja

    You should do a video of what it means to be “locked” into an ecosystem. Maybe with questions that people have. It may sound daunting for the less tech inclined.